The Way From Self-Knowledge to Self-Acceptance With a Smaller Penis Size

Prob­a­bly every man occa­sion­al­ly thinks about whether his penis is big enough and whether it can be length­ened. Espe­cial­ly in cuck­old­ing, but also in wife­shar­ing, the issue of penis size has cen­tral impor­tance. Mid­dle-aged hotwifes have very intense fan­tasies with dark-skinned BBC men.

In this guide, we would like to start by address­ing the ques­tions of what a “small penis” is in the first place and why men are so dif­fer­ent­ly sized. 

We will explain which men have the biggest dick in inter­na­tion­al com­par­i­son and what the psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons behind the infe­ri­or­i­ty com­plex­es of cuck­olds are. Final­ly, we enlight­en you on what you can do your­self if you are a lit­tle less endowed. 

Please take your time and leave a com­ment below the arti­cle. Are you sat­is­fied with your dick? How big should a penis be? What advice would you give to poor­ly endowed men?

An erect beautiful and normal-sized penis cock
An erect beau­ti­ful and nor­mal-sized penis cock

How Big Is an Average Penis?

First, a few inter­est­ing facts about a man’s best friend (but some­times worst ene­my), his penis.

When erect, a penis mea­sures an aver­age of 13.12 inch­es world­wide. When flac­cid, it mea­sures about 9.16 cm. When aroused, a so-called blood penis thus grows by more than 40 percent.

It is sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly proven that geo­graph­ic descent is of great impor­tance for penis length. It is not a cliché that men from Africa and South Amer­i­ca are best endowed. How­ev­er, bet­ter-endowed men from these regions often meat penis. Inhab­i­tants of East Asia usu­al­ly have to set­tle for a small penis. 

In Europe, about 10 per­cent of all men have to be sat­is­fied with a penis length of less than 11 cm, while about 13 per­cent can be hap­py about a penis with a length of 15 cm or more. Con­se­quent­ly, three-quar­ters of all men have a nor­mal-sized penis between 11 — 15 cm.

For evolutionary biological reasons, men in Africa and South America have a large flesh penis
For evo­lu­tion­ary bio­log­i­cal rea­sons, men in Africa and South Amer­i­ca have a large flesh penis.
sexy cuckold review

Myth Penis Size: Do Most Cuckolds Really Have a Small Penis?

No, a short penis is not an exclu­sive char­ac­ter­is­tic of a Cuck­old. Men of all penis sizes are rep­re­sent­ed in this group.

How­ev­er, it is notice­able that men with small penis­es are dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly rep­re­sent­ed in the cuck­old group. More than a quar­ter (by oth­er esti­mates, more than a third) of all men with small penis­es live in a cuck­old relationship.

Susan Gow­er, a well-known rela­tion­ship coun­selor, and sex ther­a­pist, wrote an arti­cle on the sub­ject titled: The Sci­ence of Cuck­old­ing. In it, she explains the moti­va­tions that lead to cuck­old­ing and the lifestyle that cuck­olds and their wives lead.

She stat­ed in an inter­view that she had sup­port­ed many cou­ples at the begin­ning of their cuck­old rela­tion­ship and also made efforts to main­tain the relationship.

Accord­ing to Susan Gow­er, among her patients, those with small­er penis­es were more pos­i­tive about cuck­old­ing than those with nor­mal sized penis­es. Some men with small penis­es even sug­gest­ed start­ing a cuck­old rela­tion­ship on their own.

What Factors Influence Cuckolds With Small Penises?

Why do cuck­olds want their wives to have sex with men with larg­er penis­es? What fas­ci­nates them about such experiences? 

The rea­son is sim­ple: cuck­olds believe that penis size mat­ters a great deal to the pleas­ant expe­ri­ence. This belief has often been brought on by a series of neg­a­tive expe­ri­ences and adven­tures dat­ing back to the onset of puberty.

These involve feel­ings of fear, anger, shame, and despair. Typ­i­cal­ly, cuck­olds repeat­ed­ly report spe­cif­ic expe­ri­ences that shaped their attitudes:

1.) Permanent Size Comparison

Men (and even more so boys in puber­ty) nev­er miss an oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pare the size of their penis with that of oth­er men. Whether show­er­ing after sports, chang­ing after bathing, or sim­ply pee­ing.… again and again they risk a look at the penis­es of oth­er men or guys.

Cock comparison in the shower at the fitness center
Cock com­par­i­son in the show­er at the fit­ness center

They quick­ly notice that there are sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ences in size, even when flac­cid. The mass dis­tri­b­u­tion of pornog­ra­phy on the Inter­net fur­ther encour­ages the con­stant com­par­i­son of sizes. Nat­u­ral­ly, the male per­form­ers in porn films are above average.

The con­stant size com­par­i­son leads to the real­iza­tion that he can’t com­pete in terms of penis size. He feels infe­ri­or and infe­ri­or. Thoughts may already be sur­fac­ing about how his girl­friend or wife would feel if she had sex with a well-endowed man. The idea rein­forces his feel­ings of inferiority.

2.) Repeated Derogatory Remarks

Between teenage boys and also among young men, it is wide­spread to com­pare the size of their dicks with each oth­er while chang­ing or show­er­ing. In doing so, it is not uncom­mon to receive nasty com­ments and snide remarks that can be very hurtful.

If these remarks come from men or guys, they are usu­al­ly ignored by small-endowed men. On the oth­er hand, it is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry when deroga­to­ry com­ments come from women.

A sin­gle neg­a­tive com­ment may still be put away, but if sev­er­al women make deroga­to­ry or dis­parag­ing remarks, this leaves a for­ma­tive impres­sion on the prospec­tive cuckold.

The sight of a large penis humiliates many men. Especially if there are still remarks.
The sight of a large penis humil­i­ates many men. Espe­cial­ly if there are still remarks.

3.) Previous, Negative Cuckold Experiences

Some­thing like this auto­mat­i­cal­ly occurs if the man was cheat­ed on by his wife or girl­friend with anoth­er man in the past. If he finds out or even catch­es them in fla­grante delic­to, it can have pro­found psy­cho­log­i­cal consequences.

Cuck­old­ed men are to some extent made cuck­olds — albeit with­out their knowl­edge or con­sent. In many sto­ries, plays, and movies, the cuck­old­ed hus­band (cuck­old) is heaped with ridicule.

Some men cope poor­ly with the ridicule and humil­i­a­tion. They devel­op erec­tile dys­func­tion, let them­selves go or start drink­ing. In extreme cas­es, it can lead to suicide.

Desperate Attempts to Increase the Size of the Penis

The size of his penis becomes an issue of increas­ing con­cern for the bud­ding cuckold.

He con­ducts inten­sive research on penis size on the Inter­net and deals exten­sive­ly with size com­par­isons and stud­ies on these and relat­ed top­ics. In the end, how­ev­er, he inevitably comes to the con­clu­sion that his penis is small­er than average.

Out of des­per­a­tion, he tries all sorts of penis enlarge­ment reme­dies. The Inter­net is full of offers of pills that are sup­posed to make the penis grow sev­er­al cen­time­ters prac­ti­cal­ly overnight.

The only growth that such reme­dies are sure to cause is the growth of the provider’s account. Oth­er meth­ods, such as penis expanders, work but must be worn almost con­stant­ly (even dur­ing the day) and are very uncom­fort­able. They cause an increase in the length of the penis by 1 — 2 cm after sev­er­al months.

Sur­gi­cal length­en­ing of the penis is the only rec­og­nized effec­tive method of penis enlarge­ment. How­ev­er, since it is a cos­met­ic surgery, the patient has to bear the costs of sev­er­al thou­sand euros himself.

Big dicks in comparison
Big dicks in com­par­i­son: well-endowed men like to mea­sure their penis. From 8 inch­es (20 cm) it is called a big cock. A nor­mal man will nev­er reach such mea­sure­ments in most cases.
Cuckold Sessions

Self-Acceptance Is This Better Way

Those who have a small penis by nature can­not change it and must learn to live with the fact of their penis size.

There­fore, many poten­tial cuck­olds soon­er or lat­er come to the con­clu­sion that their penis is small­er than aver­age. Real­iz­ing this and accept­ing them­selves as they are is a lev­el of real­iza­tion that some men unfor­tu­nate­ly nev­er reach.

There is a bet­ter way than spend­ing a lot of mon­ey on dubi­ous penis enlarge­ment reme­dies. It will quick­ly and per­ma­nent­ly change the cuck­old’s view of sex and their relationship.

Self-accep­tance will allow them to turn the neg­a­tive feel­ings they had about their small dicks into pos­i­tive and very arous­ing erot­ic emo­tions. For men at this stage, it hap­pens quite often that they acci­den­tal­ly stum­ble into the world of cuckolding.

a) How it Usually Starts

In the begin­ning, the cuck­old is not yet aware of his incli­na­tion. He is con­fused and aroused at the same time. He brows­es web­sites and gets horny watch­ing porn, where a very attrac­tive woman has unin­hib­it­ed sex with well-built men while her hus­band watches.

A typical start for cuckolds and wifesharers: BBC porn
A typ­i­cal start for cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers: BBC porn

Soon­er or lat­er, they also come across spe­cial web­sites for cuck­olds and blogs where suf­fer­ers tell about their experiences.

In the process, it may hap­pen to them for the first time that they imag­ine what it would be like if their wife was fucked by anoth­er man and had orgasm after orgasm.

These imag­in­ings trig­ger a strong erec­tion. They can’t stand the ten­sion any­more and start mas­tur­bat­ing like crazy. They not infre­quent­ly find redemp­tion in an orgasm of nev­er before expe­ri­enced strength and intensity.

b) The Next Step

In the next stage, the prospec­tive cuck­old is over­whelmed by a flood of con­flict­ing emo­tions. Pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive feel­ings alter­nate in rapid succession.

Wife compares penis sizes
Wife com­pares penis sizes.

On the one hand, the idea of their wife hav­ing sex with oth­er men excites them immense­ly; on the oth­er hand, they feel dis­ap­point­ed in them­selves and devel­op feel­ings of guilt.

After all, it’s not nor­mal that it makes a man horny when his wife cheats, is it?

How­ev­er, the feel­ing of guilt usu­al­ly does­n’t last long. It quick­ly dis­ap­pears and gives way to lust. It seems to be insatiable.

The thought that his wife is doing it with oth­er well-hung guys makes him so horny that he has to jerk off again and again.

Slow­ly but sure­ly, the real­iza­tion matures that these are the horni­est thoughts that have ever entered their heads.

In the sec­ond stage, bud­ding cuck­olds usu­al­ly start to sound out the wife’s opin­ion as well. Of course, regard­ing the penis size, she will say that the hus­band’s dick is the best and is com­plete­ly sufficient! 😉

c) The Breakthrough: The Realization That One Is a Cuckold

The man’s thoughts con­stant­ly cir­cle around the top­ic of “penis size” and give him no peace 

Small Cock vs. Big Black Cock
Small Cock vs. Big Black Cock

Soon­er or lat­er, usu­al­ly soon­er, he will real­ize that he is also a cuck­old. From a pure­ly tech­ni­cal point of view, this is not true.

A cuck­old can’t call him­self that until his wife has had sex with anoth­er man with his knowl­edge and con­sent, but his men­tal­i­ty is already that of a cuckold.

The self-accep­tance of hav­ing a small penis acts as an act of lib­er­a­tion. Gone are the days of shame and guilt about hav­ing a penis that is too small, gone are the days of embarrassment!

His neg­a­tive feel­ings are instead replaced by feel­ings of plea­sure cen­tered on his wife. He has to con­stant­ly think about what it would be like if she had sex with oth­er men.

Cuck­olds who were asked about their feel­ings indi­cat­ed that the desire to watch their wife have sex with oth­ers would feel very positive.

sexy cuckold review

Conclusion: The Most Common Penis Size Is 13 Centimeters

Cuck­old men, in par­tic­u­lar, vol­un­tar­i­ly fla­gel­late them­selves com­plete­ly with­out rea­son regard­ing their penis size. In most cas­es, a nor­mal 13-cen­time­ter penis can sex­u­al­ly sat­is­fy a woman with­out any prob­lems at all.

Husband masturbates, wife fucks stranger
Hus­band mas­tur­bates, wife fucks stranger

Only a very small per­cent­age of Euro­pean men can even com­pete with the BBC Bulls from Africa or South America.

How­ev­er, a mon­ster cock over 20 cm long is exact­ly the attrac­tion for many hotwifes and cuck­olds. Because the fact is: a larg­er cock length and espe­cial­ly the thick­ness stim­u­late a pussy sig­nif­i­cant­ly more intense­ly. With a big cock, mul­ti­ple vagi­nal and even squirt­ing orgasms are possible.

If a cuck has accept­ed that his wife needs a huge cock every now and then, he should accept this, relax and enjoy the horny sight of how vio­lent­ly she goes off dur­ing the horny for­eign fuck and for­eign insemination.

If you are dis­sat­is­fied with your penis length, you have no choice but to resign your­self to it. Min­i­mal­ly, you can enlarge and train your cock with plen­ty of self-dis­ci­pline by means of penis expanders or a vac­u­um pump.

So… Cheer up! A Cuck allows and enables his wife through the lifestyle, even with­out a huge cock, what the vast major­i­ty of women will nev­er expe­ri­ence: A var­ied and horny love life with intense orgasms.

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