Sugar Loaf and Whip: Cuckolds Need Tasks!

A cuck­old wants his wife, life part­ner, or girl­friend with for­eign parts, but this has a price is: He must sub­mit com­plete­ly sex­u­al­ly to the hotwife and the bull.

In order to be real­ly emo­tion­al­ly strong enough for the for­eign insem­i­na­tion of his wife, or girl­friend, or life part­ner, oblig­a­tions, tasks, and reg­u­lar train­ings must be imposed on him.

With this post, we would like to give tips and advice to the cuck­old begin­ner, but also to his hotwife and bull, what are the 10 main oblig­a­tions of the cuck and why he needs manda­to­ry tasks to learn and prac­tice. Feel free to leave a com­ment if we have for­got­ten some­thing, or if you want to share your own ideas or comments.

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Why Does a Cuckold Need Tasks?

In a cuck­old mar­riage, the hotwife holds the reins. She decides with whom, when and where she fucks and how she is alienated.

The hus­band, boyfriend or sig­nif­i­cant oth­er is a key ele­ment in hotwif­ing. Although he is unfor­tu­nate­ly often put down as a los­er and a wimp with a mini penis, he exerts an enor­mous sex­u­al attrac­tion on Hotwife and Alpha Bull.

Watch­ing his part­ner have sex with strangers excites the Cuck very much, but para­dox­i­cal­ly, it is also a great over­com­ing. A cuck­old has to be “edu­cat­ed”, so to speak, and con­tin­u­al­ly con­di­tioned to ful­ly play his role in the Wife’s sex dates.

Cum cleanup: Licking up your own cum and licking creampie clean are basic tasks of every cuckold. 
It is just a matter of training and should be learned and practiced regularly by every man.
Cum cleanup: Lick­ing up your own cum and lick­ing creampie clean are basic tasks of every cuck­old.
It is just a mat­ter of train­ing and should be learned and prac­ticed reg­u­lar­ly by every man.
Pho­to: Cuck­old Sessions
Creampie Cathy

The Cuck Must Be Permanently Sexually Stimulated

A cuck­old gives up his duty to sex­u­al­ly sat­is­fy the wife/life part­ner to the alpha bull, lovers, and fel­low fuck­ers. This often removes a huge bur­den from him when poten­cy prob­lems, a small penis size, or pre­ma­ture ejac­u­la­tion play a role.

Nev­er­the­less, the cou­ple still needs to exer­cise the penis in order to main­tain their sex­u­al con­di­tion and keep their sex­u­al inter­est at a high lev­el. There­fore, in order to ful­fill the role as a “real cuck­old”, he hands over the respon­si­bil­i­ty of his sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion to his partner.

She decides when, how often and in which way the Cuck may come to orgasm and what hap­pens with his sperm. The way of sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion is often asso­ci­at­ed with hur­dles, chal­lenges and play­ful tasks.

Cuckold during his jerk off training. He is forbidden to orgasm. Hotwife decides how often the man must train his penis.
Cuck­old dur­ing his jerk-off train­ing. He is for­bid­den to orgasm. Hotwife decides how often the man must train his penis.

What Are the Duties of the Cuckold?

Even though fuck­ing is no longer one of the main duties for the cuck­old, he must still be able to sex­u­al­ly stim­u­late and sat­is­fy the wife in oth­er ways. So, he must not sit back and relax and lie on his lazy skin, but must remain very active sexually.

Cucki trains to lick the creampie decently clean and swallow his own sperm completely
Cuc­ki trains to lick the creampie decent­ly clean and swal­low his own sperm completely

The sec­ond main task is to be will­ing to train and devel­op sex­u­al­ly togeth­er with the hotwife. He makes every effort to con­tin­ue to desire her and does not have the right to refuse orders and instruc­tions from the Hotwife. He must train togeth­er with his wife and sup­port her.

In spite of all sex­u­al rules, he must remain a lov­able husband/life part­ner. He must be devot­ed to the Hotwife, take care of the house­hold, and pam­per his Hotwife even in every­day life.

A true cuck­old has the oblig­a­tion to stop mas­tur­bat­ing and ejac­u­lat­ing on his own. If he does not com­ply, the Hotwife can shoot him with a chasti­ty belt / penis cage.

Tasks and Duties of a Cuckold:

1.) Keeping Chastity in Marriage

The hus­band’s chasti­ty is the be-all and end-all in a cuck­old mar­riage. It does not mean that the man is not allowed to orgasm at all, but only that he has to ask his hotwife for per­mis­sion beforehand.

Extreme amount of sperm in facial insemination after 14 days of abstinence (orgasm ban)
Extreme amount of sperm in facial insem­i­na­tion after 14 days of absti­nence (orgasm ban)

Some cou­ples swear by clos­ing the penis with a penis cage / chasti­ty belt. Oth­ers choose this mea­sure only as a pun­ish­ment threat or pun­ish­ment for secret masturbation.

How long the Cuck must be sex­u­al­ly absti­nent is deter­mined by the cou­ple togeth­er or the hotwife alone. We rec­om­mend not allow­ing a cum orgasm for about 7 — 10 days. Mas­tur­bat­ing, cock milk­ing, edg­ing, prostate play, cuck­old porn watch­ing should remain allowed to the cuckold. 

If the man does not squirt for more than a week, but ejac­u­lates dai­ly, con­sid­er­able amounts of sperm will accu­mu­late. If a cuck squirts a lot of sperm, he has the task to recy­cle it com­plete­ly, with­out exception.

2.) Cuckold Training

The so-called cuck­old train­ing is anoth­er impor­tant point to keep the man sex­u­al­ly “in line” on the one hand, but on the oth­er hand, to train him and also to pun­ish him.

Precum (pre-ejaculate) during cock training: When the penis cries...
Pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late) dur­ing cock train­ing: When the penis cries…

As part of a “Cuck­old chal­lenge”, the man must com­plete var­i­ous dai­ly tasks or week­ly tasks. These cuck­old games are set in writ­ing, and the Cuck must do them very seri­ous­ly and con­sci­en­tious­ly with the utmost care.

It is impor­tant that the hus­band be rarely allowed to cli­max and instead keeps ruin­ing his orgasm.

Sev­er­al times a week train­ing with a penis pump is rec­om­mend­ed, for exam­ple while watch­ing TV or porn in the evening. Reg­u­lar penis train­ing has been proven to have a pos­i­tive effect on penis length and thick­ness. In par­al­lel, he should always wear nip­ple suck­ers to become more resilient for BDSM games (Point 9).

A hand pussy or pock­et pussy like the Flesh­light mas­tur­ba­tor (Sta­mi­na Train­ing Unit) is per­fect for poten­cy train­ing to stop him from orgas­ming so early.

For prostate train­ing (point 8.) the Cuck should use butt plugs, inflat­able plugs / inflat­able dil­dos, soft dil­dos, and prostate toys as often as pos­si­ble. The result­ing cum is col­lect­ed with a plate, a sperm bowl, or a sperm glass (also named: cum col­lect).

3.) The Most Important Task: Licking a Sperm Pussy Clean

A fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed sperm cunt is the holy grail for every cuck! In the cuck­old area, sperm pussies always belong thor­ough­ly licked out and exter­nal­ly clean licked. Even in the wife­shar­ing scene, peo­ple like to hold the opin­ion that sperm is a valu­able com­mod­i­ty and must be recy­cled by men and women.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, most men resist swal­low­ing their own sperm. There­fore, a per­ma­nent creampie train­ing is indis­pens­able! With­out excep­tion, every cuck­old must learn to lick a sperm pussy clean. Because every cuck must be clear that one day, in the last con­se­quence, he must also lick for­eign sperm of bull and lover clean.

Until it is so far, the man should only be allowed to have sex with his wife, if he licks her clean again after the sperm insem­i­na­tion with­out any the­ater. Lick­ing sperm clean is Cuck­olds duty!

Expe­ri­ence shows that it takes three to six months for men to learn to eat their own creampie out of their pussy.

Main task of every Cuckold: Licking the sperm pussy clean (Creampie cleanup)
Main task of every Cuck­old: Lick­ing the sperm pussy clean (Creampie cleanup)

4.) Bull and Lover Search

If the joint deci­sion for Wife­shar­ing or Cuck­old­ing is fixed, every Cuck­old cou­ple starts one day intu­itive­ly with the search for a suit­able Bull and potent fel­low fuck­er (Lover).

Although a real Cuck­old Bitch choos­es her sex­u­al part­ners “offi­cial­ly” alone accord­ing to her taste, but in prac­tice the hus­band also has the tasks to look for suit­able strange men.

High­ly rec­om­mend­ed are these portals:

5.) Duty for Further Education

Just like the hotwife, the cuck­old has to con­tin­ue his sex­u­al edu­ca­tion per­ma­nent­ly. Read­ing erot­ic sto­ries, lis­ten­ing to erot­ic audio­books and watch­ing porn videos and pho­tos have sev­er­al advantages.

Watching porn together: Perfect for the cuckold couple
Watch­ing porn togeth­er: Per­fect for the cuck­old couple

Besides arous­ing you, these media also have the effect of learn­ing and expand­ing your sex­u­al horizons.

There are var­i­ous Eng­lish lan­guage cuck­old sites, wife­shar­ing blogs and Fem­Dom blogs that pro­vide valu­able tips and ideas.

We have had good expe­ri­ences with Bdsmlr. The plat­form was cre­at­ed when on Tum­blr the horny hotwife, cuck­old and wife­shar­ing blogs were blocked.

In our opin­ion, it’s only a mat­ter of time that the sexbogs dis­ap­pear on Red­dit, Twit­ter and Share­some as well.

The best and the most learn­ing you can do is watch­ing porn that is rel­e­vant to the top­ic. We rec­om­mend that you sched­ule a porn night togeth­er sev­er­al times a month.


6.) Squirt, Creampie, Pussy Juice and Swallowing Your Own Sperm

Cuck­olds are basi­cal­ly always respon­si­ble for lick­ing up and clean love flu­ids. To learn how to swal­low your own juice, you should first read through our guides:

Basi­cal­ly, all instruc­tions to learn to swal­low sperm are based on reg­u­lar con­di­tion­ing, pre­cum (pre-juice) swal­low­ing, creampie clean lick­ing or speed.

Wife forces her husband to inject his own cum into his mouth
Wife forces her hus­band to inject his own cum into his mouth.

Aut­ofel­la­tio — method has proven to be extreme­ly effec­tive. With a lit­tle prac­tice, any man can give him­self a blowjob. With the “Self blowjob” it is almost impos­si­ble to avoid his own sperm splash in the mouth.

From cuck­old lev­el C2 to C3, the hotwife may also want to teach her cuck how to suck a man’s cock. Glo­ry­holes in porn cin­e­mas / swingers clubs are espe­cial­ly suit­able for first oral con­tacts with for­eign penis­es. After the train­ing, the cock­suck­ing is then expect­ed at the alpha bull and at the gang­bang at the fuckers.

Also, by the Hotwife used dil­dos, love balls, vibra­tors and G‑spot stim­u­la­tors etc. he must always clean. The woman should also be adamant if the toys are wet­ted with a lot of pussy juice and ALWAYS demand a clean­ing. If nec­es­sary, with threat of punishment.

7.) Orgasm Control (Cum Control / Tease and Denial)

Precum: Cock simply runs out of horniness after 3 hours of edging
Pre­cum: Cock sim­ply runs out of horni­ness after 3 hours of edging

Orgasm con­trol means that the man has to do every­thing to pre­vent his final cum orgasm over and over again.

This is also called tease and denial or edg­ing. Over sev­er­al hours, the penis is stim­u­lat­ed, porn is watched, fucked or played togeth­er in bed — while the male orgasm is forbidden.

Dur­ing mas­tur­ba­tion, as well as dur­ing pam­per­ing by the hotwife, every good cuck­old must train him­self to ruin his orgasm vol­un­tar­i­ly at least once. For the part­ner, the sight is high­ly stimulating.

When ruin­ing orgasm, con­sid­er­able amounts of pre­cum (pre-cum, pre ejac­u­late) can run out of the penis or (depend­ing on the lev­el of arousal) even splash heav­i­ly. The horny juice is col­lect­ed by the man inde­pen­dent­ly again (cum col­lect) and ALWAYS recycled.

8.) Permanent Anal Training / Prostate Training

Highly effective prostate training task
High­ly effec­tive prostate train­ing task

Prostate stim­u­la­tion is a very impor­tant dis­ci­pline in cuck­old­ing. Almost all hotwifes want to fuck their cuck­’s ass with a strap-on and occa­sion­al­ly give him a prostate massage.

To be ready for prostate play, prostate mas­sage, and anal sex, every cuck­old must be will­ing to stretch and train his anus.

Anal train­ing is also suit­able for milk­ing the prostate with­out orgasm, which is an incred­i­bly horny expe­ri­ence with goose­bumps for the man.

We rec­om­mend that you always put a sperm plate or a sperm bowl under the penis dur­ing prostate play because larg­er amounts of pre­cum (pre-cum), love drops, and sperm can run out. Some­times, the first load also squirts out of the penis with great pressure!

Impor­tant learn­ing effect: When milk­ing the prostate, guys are extreme­ly aroused. This should be exploit­ed by the woman: Every man should be edu­cat­ed to real­ly swal­low any love drop by him­self with­out back­talk and bulk­ing out! 

Prostate Milking with Anal Ball Rod: During prostate training the prostate is emptied lustfully to the last drop
Prostate Milk­ing with Anal Ball Rod: Dur­ing prostate train­ing, the prostate is emp­tied lust­ful­ly to the last drop

9.) BDSM Training

As already described under point 2.), it is indis­pens­able to sub­ject the Cuc­ki to a BDSM train­ing. Defense­less­ly bound and gagged, he must brave­ly endure all the things the wife / life part­ner does to him.

Male nipple training task
Male nip­ple train­ing task

There­fore, the male nip­ples should also be trained permanently.

Very effec­tive is train­ing with a pair of nip­ple suck­ers. The nip­ples become larg­er and can be played with won­der­ful­ly. All BDSM sex toys are also suit­able for men’s nip­ples, such as nip­ple clamps, nip­ple clamps, wax, whip, pad­dle or ruler.

After a few months, the man will be very grate­ful if he can touch him­self or his Wife more rough­ly on the nip­ples to trig­ger extreme feel­ings of pleasure.

Enslave­ment and strong “female dom­i­na­tion” (Fem­Dom) by woman plays an increas­ing role in cuck­old­ing from stage C2 to C3.

Nip­ple tor­ture and reg­u­lar nip­ple train­ing notice­ably increase the man’s sperm pro­duc­tion and libido. Every advanced cuck­old cou­ple should per­form nip­ple train­ing on the man.

10.) Supportive / Submissive Behavior on a Cuckold Party

If it final­ly comes to the date with a Bull or even sev­er­al lovers, the Cuck­old has the duty to be qui­et, grate­ful, and submissive.

In agree­ment with his wife and bull, he is often even allowed to sup­port his wife dur­ing stranger fuck­ing. Hand­ing her drinks, dab­bing sweat, hold­ing her legs spread, spread­ing her labia, guid­ing the Bul­l’s cock dur­ing inser­tion, thrust­ing the Wife’s body on the cock, hold­ing hands, cheer­ing on his wife, and kiss­ing her face.

Cucki enjoys watching his wife
Cuc­ki enjoys watch­ing his wife

If he’s lucky, he gets to watch and jerk off, take pic­tures, and make videos. If he is unlucky, he is allowed to attend the for­eign insem­i­na­tion only with a penis cage and can­not jerk off.

The main task of all cuck­olds is to lick the sperm clean. As a so-called “Wife shar­ing cuck­old” he is imme­di­ate­ly on the spot when creamy fucked pussy juice, squirt, or sperm must be licked clean. Depend­ing on the bull and agree­ment, he even has to blow on the cock / cocks or lick them clean.

Some cuck­olds have the task of spoon­ing the creampie out of the cum pussy. Oth­ers have to col­lect sperm with a sperm plate or cum bowl so that the cuck­old cou­ple has some­thing to play with after the party.

11.) Shoot Photos and Make Video Clips

Anoth­er task of each cuck­old is to pho­to­graph and film the hotwife hav­ing sex with her bull or lover.

Cuckold takes photos of his Hotwife wife
Cuck­old takes pho­tos of his Hotwife wife

In most cas­es, the hotwife wish­es that she can relive the horny sex evening in her mind.

If all involved agree, the Cuck, dig­i­tal­ly cap­tures the horny hard sex, the rous­ing orgasms, squirt­ing ejac­u­la­tions, and the cum splash­es of the fuck­ers. Even if the for­eign insem­i­na­tion is very horny, the cuck­old has to keep a cool head to cap­ture the hottest scenes.

To be able to take the horny pho­tos and clips with opti­mal illu­mi­na­tion, as shake-free as pos­si­ble, and with great close-ups, he takes care of a good cam­era equipment.

For the horny event, you should not use a cell phone cam­era. You need a cam­era with­out annoy­ing mir­ror shake (no reflex cam­era!), but a so-called bridge cam­era, with which you can zoom silent­ly and also record videos. You also require a tri­pod and three per­ma­nent lights. The flash is just annoy­ing and should not be used. Keep the cur­tains closed to avoid mixed light. If you want to upload the wife­shar­ing videos and pho­tos to the inter­net, we rec­om­mend Venet­ian masks or black eye masks to hide your faces.

Punishments of the Cuckold

If a cuck does­n’t ful­ly com­plete his tasks or vio­lates his duties, he is usu­al­ly pun­ished with BDSM pun­ish­ments, a pun­ish­ment bondage, or spank­ing. Often he then has to wear a penis cage (chasti­ty belt).

In Fem­Dom spank­ing, the slave lies on a pun­ish­ment tres­tle, above the knees of the mis­tress or a com­pa­ra­ble posi­tion with an ele­vat­ed upper body, and must endure beat­ings with the hand, a pad­dle, a crop, or a flog­ger. Some­times, the Fem­Dom also makes her slave pig count the strokes herself.

Cuckold has made a mistake and is punished with blows on the butt (spanking)
Cuck­old has made a mis­take and is pun­ished with blows on the butt (spank­ing)

Feminization / Feminization

Sure­ly, you have stum­bled over sissies on the Inter­net again and again. These are most­ly men who have slipped into the role of a woman. This fem­i­niza­tion is most­ly lived active­ly from Cuck­old lev­el C3, where the man has no more fuck­ing and insem­i­na­tion rights to his wife.

Most sissies are under lock and key with a chasti­ty belt. They usu­al­ly wear a notice­ably small penis cage and desire pri­mar­i­ly anal stimulation.


Conclusion: A Cuckold Has a Lot of Tasks and Duties

Once a man has decid­ed to become a cuck­old, a large bun­dle of tasks and duties comes his way. Clas­sic 10-minute sex, with squirt­ing in and “turn­ing over for sleep” is over!

The main goal is to pre­pare him­self and the hotwife for sex with strangers, an alpha bull, or mul­ti­ple lovers in a gangbang.

Sperm spoon as an effective tool for men: Sperm cunt is spooned out with spoon
Sperm spoon as an effec­tive tool for men: Sperm cunt is spooned out with a spoon.

Cuck­olds are usu­al­ly kept chaste and are not allowed to cum for sev­er­al days or weeks. As a result, his libido is very high, and he is per­ma­nent­ly sex­u­al­ly on high.

He is only allowed to relieve his strong arousal by per­form­ing var­i­ous sex­u­al tasks and milk­ing some pre­cum (sperm pre-juice) in a con­trolled manner.

The sperm swal­low­ing falls with­in his scope of duties. Even squirt­ed cum, squirt and pussy juice he must always lick up and clean with­out request. Due to his high libido, a cuck even wish­es this explic­it­ly. Depend­ing on the devel­op­ment, even cock­suck­ing and lick­ing up of for­eign sperm can fol­low late.

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