Why Are So Many Men Into Candaulism

It’s hard to believe, but a very big male fan­ta­sy is to watch — when anoth­er man or even a group of men fuck their own (wife) hard. This sex with strangers is called Can­daulism in tech­ni­cal language.

The term Can­daulism dates back to 600 AD and states that a man vir­tu­al­ly “bor­rows” his wife and watch­es oth­er men have sex­u­al fun with her. Can­daulists, then, are hap­py to be cuckolded.

One of the key ques­tions is what do men get out of engag­ing in this game of fire? Why is sex­u­al play so preva­lent around the world? And why do doc­u­men­ta­tions of wife swap­ping and cuck­old­ing go way back to ancient times?

We want to deal with these ques­tions in this arti­cle. We very much invite you to post your ques­tions, thoughts, the­o­ries and remarks as comments.

The Difference Between Wifesharing, Cuckolding, and Swingers

In order to under­stand what dri­ves men to “share” their part­ners dur­ing sex with strangers, we need to divide men into three groups of peo­ple: wife­shar­ers, cuck­old­ers, and swingers.

All three groups of men have one main goal: the for­eign insem­i­na­tion or for­eign fuck­ing of their own wife, life part­ner or girl­friend. And yet their back­grounds, sex­u­al desires, and life cir­cum­stances are different:


1. Swinger: Both Partners Have Sex With Strange Women and Men

Swinger cou­ples are char­ac­ter­ized by spon­ta­neous sex­u­al activ­i­ty with many dif­fer­ent sex­u­al part­ners. In swingers clubs, bars or pri­vate apart­ments they usu­al­ly cel­e­brate friv­o­lous sex par­ties in an exu­ber­ant atmos­phere with music and buf­fet. Often there are theme par­ties. The prin­ci­ple of “see and be seen” is very pro­nounced here.

Passionate swinger sex. Husband is watching!
Pas­sion­ate swinger sex. Her Hus­band is watching!

Most swinger cou­ples let them­selves be sur­prised, which results in cor­re­spond­ing swinger evenings. Hus­band and wife are usu­al­ly equal and are allowed to have sex with any par­ty participants.

They have sex with strangers togeth­er, but go home togeth­er “hand in hand” at night. Swinger rela­tion­ships, despite the eter­nal temp­ta­tion, can still be described as very sta­ble. There are cou­ples who cel­e­brat­ed their sil­ver wed­ding anniver­sary in a swingers club. 😉

Without Rules No Swinger Sex Works

Many swinger cou­ples have imposed indi­vid­ual rules on them­selves. For exam­ple, kiss­ing, stay­ing alone with a poten­tial sex part­ner or exchang­ing phone num­bers may be for­bid­den. The only taboo is “sneak­ing around”.

In so-called men’s sur­plus par­ties, the wife / life part­ner / girl­friend is allowed to get fucked by a horde of men. Most­ly, the man is present, mas­tur­bate exten­sive­ly and / or active­ly participates.

Bisex­u­al con­tacts between women are com­mon among swingers. Bisex­u­al men more rarely.

In most cas­es, swinger sex takes place with a con­dom. There­fore, sperm insem­i­na­tions here often take place on breasts, in the face or in the mouth of the woman. Most­ly you see sperm kiss­ing and clean­ing only among women. Men watch excitedly.

2. Wifesharing: Only the Wife Has Sex With Her Husband + Strange Men

Wife­shar­ing cou­ples are con­sid­er­ably more focused on each oth­er and lead very firm and espe­cial­ly inti­mate cou­ple rela­tion­ships. Com­pared to noisy and rest­less swingers’ par­ties, they appre­ci­ate the pri­vate qui­et in hotel rooms or at home. The attrac­tion here is to “share” the wife, life part­ner or girl­friend with oth­er men.

Wifesharing - Wife is fucked to orgasm
Wife­shar­ing — wife is fucked to orgasm

Sex with anoth­er man is called a “three­some”. Since the woman is in con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion, she can give her­self to the sec­ond man in a com­plete­ly relaxed and dis­in­hib­it­ed way. Sex in three­somes is thus often very emo­tion­al and pleas­ant at the same time.

It is not uncom­mon for a woman to be sat­is­fied (at least for a while) with a house­mate. Expe­ri­enced wife­shar­ing women are very hap­py to ful­fill their fan­tasies with sev­er­al men.

In con­trast to swinger men’s sur­plus par­ties, the cou­ple choos­es the team­mates for group sex, or gang­bang on appro­pri­ate Inter­net por­tals togeth­er. This aspect calms and excites the woman very much.

The Satisfaction of the Hotwife’s Desire Is the Main Focus for All Participants

Since the women of Wife­shar­ern are most­ly very imag­i­na­tive and per­mis­sive, you expe­ri­ence espe­cial­ly at gang­bangs, thanks to vio­lent psy­cho­log­i­cal and phys­i­cal stim­uli, incred­i­bly pas­sion­ate and unfor­get­table love evenings.

The cor­re­spond­ing hus­bands / life part­ners it gives great plea­sure and joy to watch their wives hav­ing unre­strained sex with oth­er men.

Wife and husband (cuckold) enjoy wifesharing
Wife and hus­band (cuck­old) enjoy wifesharing

Through con­sen­su­al rules, the men do not feel jeal­ousy in the process and also enjoy par­tic­i­pat­ing themselves.

Wife­shar­ers enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly doc­u­ment the impres­sions with a video cam­era or smart­phone to recall the breath­tak­ing expe­ri­ences dur­ing a joint video evening.

Wife­shar­ing women devel­op very many fan­tasies, incli­na­tions and fetish­es in the course of weeks, months and years. Things that were not even remote­ly con­ceiv­able in their younger years, they enjoy to the fullest one day.

If wife­shar­ing cou­ples have found har­mo­nious lovers for pleas­ant sex evenings, they like to meet repeat­ed­ly. Due to the trust that builds up, and med­ical tests are per­formed, they usu­al­ly enjoy sex with­out con­doms. Wife­shar­ing cou­ples like to play depraved sperm games, snow­balling and sperm kiss­ing are tol­er­at­ed by the man.

Many wife­shar­ing women also admit their hus­bands to sex with a strange woman every now and then. The con­di­tion is usu­al­ly that she active­ly wit­ness­es the spec­ta­cle. Depend­ing on the sex­u­al incli­na­tion, bisex­u­al activ­i­ties between men and women (sex in fours) are also not uncom­mon in famil­iar surroundings.

make him cuckold

3. Cuckold: Wife Has Sex With Strange Men. Husband Just Watches

Cuck­olds are relat­ed to wife­shar­ers, but still dif­fer­ent in many ways.

Cuckold watches wife having sex
Cuck­old watch­es wife hav­ing sex

For a Cuck­old, the love for his wife is even more in the fore­ground. Eroti­cism takes place on a con­sid­er­ably more emo­tion­al and imag­i­na­tive lev­el for them. Sex­u­al­i­ty is much more spread over every­day life and not too focused on the actu­al sex.

The cuck­old loves his wife so much that he indulges her in sex with a lover who is bet­ter built, more per­sis­tent and stronger. It excites him great­ly to watch her have pas­sion­ate sex.

Cuckolds Are Very Imaginative

A cuck­old does­n’t even begin to think about get­ting involved with oth­er women. Cuck­old rela­tion­ships are con­sid­ered very hap­py part­ner­ships, despite the con­tro­ver­sial sex, if both part­ners deal with the issue in harmony.

The cen­tral ele­ment is that the cuck­old relin­quish­es his self-deter­mi­na­tion over ejac­u­la­tion and mas­tur­ba­tion to his hotwife. Self-autho­rized ejac­u­la­tions are for­bid­den in the spir­it of chastity.

Through the accu­mu­la­tion of plea­sure, a cuck­old becomes, so to speak, obe­di­ent, grate­ful and very respect­ful and atten­tive towards his life part­ner. The hotwife likes to stim­u­late / pen­e­trate her cuck anal­ly and milk the prostate. In addi­tion, she likes to pun­ish him for mis­steps and makes him swal­low his own pre­cum or cum with­out excep­tion. Snow­balling and cum kiss­ing are part of the stan­dard repertoire.

Three Cuckold Levels: C1, C2 and C3 — The Difference Lies in the Cuck’s Submissiveness

Cuck­olds are divid­ed into three cat­e­gories. With the C1 clas­si­fi­ca­tion, they are, in a sense, “extend­ed wife­shar­ers”. They like to be slight­ly sub­mis­sive in love­mak­ing, enjoy­ing watch­ing Bull and Hotwife have sex while mas­tur­bat­ing very vig­or­ous­ly. With a cam­era, he cap­tures the horni­est moments for watch­ing and fan­ta­siz­ing togeth­er. Often he is also respon­si­ble for the plea­sur­able clean-up the creampie. He may like to fuck his hotwife.

Cuckold masturbates during stranger fuck from his wife
Cuck­old mas­tur­bates dur­ing stranger fuck from his wife

In a Cuck­old C2 — lev­el, the wife (called Cuck­ol­dress or Hotwife) may even devel­op a deep­er affec­tion for the oth­er man. A C2 and C3 Cucky loves to “serve”. He always has to swal­low the for­eign sperm and is humil­i­at­ed by Bull and Hotwife. Hotwife and Bull enjoy them­selves even with­out the cuckold.

The risk and dan­ger that his wife or girl­friend might feel more for the Bull increase the attrac­tion. Often the Cuck­old is for­bid­den to fuck his wife.

Most C2 and C3 — Cuck­old rela­tion­ships are pure tri­an­gu­lar rela­tion­ships with always the same Bull. There­fore, in most cas­es, sex takes place with­out a condom.

To sat­is­fy the Hotwife com­plete­ly, Bull and Hotwife occa­sion­al­ly plan gang­bangs. The cuck­old is allowed to attend this spec­ta­cle, but has to sur­ren­der to the dom­i­nant games of the two. For exam­ple, he has to lick the for­eign sperm clean or suck for­eign penis­es. How­ev­er, a C2 / C3 Cuck­old likes to do the latter.


Conclusion: Sex With Strangers — But the Woman Is the Center of Attention.

BBC fucks a hotwife to orgasm
BBC fucks a hotwife to orgasm

If you have read the pre­vi­ous lines care­ful­ly, you have learned that sex with strangers, group sex and gang­bangs are not even remote­ly about oppress­ing or sex­u­al­ly exploit­ing women!

On the con­trary, the win­ners in wife-swap­ping are the ladies them­selves. In many women, a sup­pressed sex­u­al dri­ve lies dor­mant, which is ignored and con­cealed by many women. If the woman has over­come her shame bar­ri­er, she lives out the livestyle very con­fi­dent­ly and with great pleasure.

Men in har­mo­nious part­ner­ships and mar­riages love to make their wife hap­py. They love to fuck their wife and my sex in the sev­enth heaven. 

But some­times a man just wants to enjoy and watch his wife in her ecstasies, her laugh­ter, and her pas­sion­ate moaning.

Cuckoldress and Cuckold Are Strongly Connected Emotionally

With increas­ing libido, a lot of men feel a great desire to let their wife, girl­friend, or life part­ner be fucked real­ly hard by strange men. It excites them when these men are dif­fer­ent: dif­fer­ent skin col­or, big­ger dicks, more mus­cles, dom­i­nant appear­ance, etc.

As crazy as it sounds, the wife does expe­ri­ence strong sat­is­fac­tion dur­ing hard sex and expe­ri­ences horny orgasms — but at the same time, she feels a very inti­mate con­nec­tion with her hus­band.

The part­ner­ship bond is extreme­ly strength­ened by this proof of trust on both sides. After the guys are gone, the over­joyed wife thanks her hus­band for the nice wife­shar­ing evening. Then inti­mate caress­es are exchanged, and most­ly very horny fucks between the part­ners fol­low even days later.

Why this is so, is psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly not clar­i­fied. The phe­nom­e­non is wide­spread through­out the world and in all walks of life. And that to all epochs of our human history.

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