Cuckold Fantasies: What Really Turns Many Couples On

Com­pared to clas­sic 0815 — het­ero­sex­u­al cou­ples, Hotwifes, Cuck­olds & Wife­shar­ers are very imaginative.

They deal open­ly with sex­u­al­i­ty and auto­mat­i­cal­ly devel­op more and more due to curios­i­ty, increased libido, and the joy of exper­i­ment­ing. So, it is not sur­pris­ing that just this group of peo­ple devel­ops a lot of fetishes.

In this arti­cle, we will deal with the ques­tion of which are the most pop­u­lar fetish­es among cuck­olds, hotwifes, and wife­shar­ing couples.

Which Fetishes Are Pronounced Among Cuckold & Wifesharing Couples?

It is a fact that almost all fetish­es cause incom­pre­hen­sion and even dis­gust among non-fol­low­ers of the prac­tices. How­ev­er, these vanil­la sex cou­ples main­tain a very monot­o­nous sex life, which results in their love life falling asleep one day.

Very popular fantasy of cuckolds & hotwifes: A kinky, hard BBC gangbang
Very pop­u­lar fan­ta­sy of cuck­olds & hotwifes: A kinky, hard BBC gangbang

If you look at var­i­ous swingers forums, cuck­old guides and porn­tube sites, the main fetish of most men seems to be sev­er­al guys gang­bang­ing one woman. There are an incred­i­ble num­ber of (mar­ried) men all over the world who make their part­ners avail­able to strange men for sex.

On the oth­er hand, there are very many women who feel the secret desire to be very hard fucked, abun­dant­ly insem­i­nat­ed, and down­right “used” by one or more men dur­ing sex.

Although this com­mon fetish is com­plete­ly unex­plained and curi­ous, it makes for well-attend­ed swingers clubs, a huge demand for potent bulls, and for count­less unact­ed ama­teur porn.

make him cuckold

Due to the increased libido of both men and women, oth­er fetish­es usu­al­ly devel­op in par­al­lel with group sex fantasies:

  • Sex with dark-skinned Bulls (BBC)
  • Out­door sex, sex in public
  • Park­ing lot sex at rest areas of high­ways and freeways
  • Sperm games
  • Facial insem­i­na­tion (Facials)
  • Squirt­ing (female ejaculation)
  • bisex­u­al incli­na­tions in women and men
  • Bondage games (bondage)
  • BDSM — nip­ple games, spank­ing (beat­ings)
  • Huge dil­dos
  • Pussy treat­ment with cli­toris and labia suckers
  • Fist­ing
  • Role play­ing
  • Sexy lin­gerie, leather, latex — clothing
  • exten­sive oral sex
  • Deepthroat
  • Anal sex
  • Watch­ing porn together

Should You Tell Your Partner About All Your Fetishes?

Basi­cal­ly, it is always an advan­tage if both part­ners tell each oth­er their fan­tasies “with­out a hand in front of the mouth”. Only in this way can the fan­tasies be turned into real­i­ty. Often the respec­tive oth­er part­ner lets you get infect­ed by the fan­ta­sy, or it is found that he has sim­i­lar thoughts.

Penis edging with Fleshlight masturbator
Penis edg­ing with Flesh­light masturbator

Should a fetish be too “weird”, it is most­ly lived out in fan­ta­sy by cuck­old cou­ples in pairs.

Talk­ing about fetish­es and crazy sex­u­al incli­na­tions is not very easy for many peo­ple. How­ev­er, you can share them with your part­ner “nice­ly pack­aged” in erot­ic sto­ries, innu­en­dos, while watch­ing porn.

The respec­tive part­ner is very recep­tive dur­ing strong sex­u­al arousal, for exam­ple, when he enjoys an inti­mate mas­sage or edg­ing, or dur­ing sex.

How to Get Inspiration for New Fantasies?

Reading sex stories and cuckold fantasies in a book excites many hotwifes
Read­ing sex sto­ries and cuck­old fan­tasies in a book excites many hotwifes

Watch­ing porn togeth­er is the eas­i­est way to inspire his sex­u­al fantasies.

At first, it feels strange, but the lust­ful TV pro­gram will end in horny sex every time and quick­ly become the norm.

Espe­cial­ly cuck­old cou­ples love to watch porn movies togeth­er, plea­sur­ing them­selves and each other.

Anoth­er very good source of dirty fan­tasies is erot­ic lit­er­a­ture. Ama­zon offers a rich source of books and e‑books with all imag­in­able fetish­es. There are very good guide­books or erot­ic sto­ries about cuck­old­ing in Ger­man and English.

Fur­ther­more, you can find very many cuck­old sto­ries on the Inter­net. In our cat­e­go­ry Cuck­old Sto­ries, we had also writ­ten some fantasies.

Slutwife Trainig

Conclusion: Sexual Fantasies Are Important and Normal

Espe­cial­ly sex­u­al­ly open-mind­ed cou­ples are very fan­ci­ful. You should not keep your sex­u­al ideas and thoughts secret at all, but wait for a favor­able moment in which you share them with your part­ner “nice­ly pack­aged”. How­ev­er, avoid con­stant rep­e­ti­tions and “rid­ing around on the top­ics”. Wait and see what hap­pens after the thought trigger.

The most com­mon fan­ta­sy of men and women is sex with strangers. Instead of mak­ing a “scene” for your sweet­heart, hold a mir­ror up to your­self to see if you’ve had sim­i­lar thoughts.

Your part­ner can’t look into your head. But your courage will be reward­ed in most cas­es. You will see that you will soon “spin on” your fan­tasies togeth­er or maybe even put them into prac­tice one day.

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