Why Are Men Willing to Share Their Partners With Other Men?

When a man feels the desire to watch his wife, life part­ner or girl­friend hav­ing sex with strange men, this is called “Wife­shar­ing” or “Cuck­old­ing”. There are very many lev­els of expres­sion, rang­ing from “just watch­ing” to “lover and wife go on vaca­tion together”.

Out­siders usu­al­ly have lit­tle under­stand­ing for this sex­u­al prac­tice. How can a man vol­un­tar­i­ly leave his part­ner to oth­er men for sex and feel plea­sure at the same time?!

The fact is that cuck­old­ing and wife­shar­ing rela­tion­ships are more wide­spread and sta­ble than many believe. The sex­u­al “lend­ing” of women is com­mon in all cul­tures of the world and in all social classes.

In this cuck­old guide, we look at the psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons why wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing are prac­ticed. Before­hand, we shed light on the dilem­ma that many long-term rela­tion­ships face.

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The Problem: Most Long-Term Couples Are Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives

Many women and men in long-term mar­riages and rela­tion­ships are dis­sat­is­fied with their sex lives. The every­day togeth­er­ness acts like a creep­ing poi­son that grad­u­al­ly cools down the pas­sion and desire for each other.

As a rule, it often only takes a few months for ini­tial, pas­sion­ate sex to become increas­ing­ly rare and, at some point, degen­er­ate into noth­ing more than a com­pul­so­ry act.

This devel­op­ment of the love life has sev­er­al psy­cho­log­i­cal, bio­log­i­cal, and evo­lu­tion­ary rea­sons, which we want to get to the bot­tom of in this arti­cle below.

Happy Hotwife: Happy wife having group sex with strange men. Wifesharing or cuckolding make many couples sexually satisfied and happy.
Hap­py Hotwife: Hap­py wife hav­ing group sex with strange men. Wife­shar­ing or cuck­old­ing make many cou­ples sex­u­al­ly sat­is­fied and happy.

Hypothesis 1: Is the Modern Man Getting Soft Since the 80’s?

As curi­ous as it sounds, one rea­son for the falling asleep of love life can be the eman­ci­pa­tion of women with the accom­pa­ny­ing chang­ing male role.

Until the 60’s, the man was in charge. Gen­der roles were clear­ly defined: The man fed the fam­i­ly, and the woman most­ly stayed at home to raise the chil­dren and take care of the house­hold. The wife had to do every­thing to keep her hus­band happy.

The “mod­ern man” of today is called the “met­ro­sex­u­al man” in tech­ni­cal lan­guage. He takes care of the house­hold and the upbring­ing of the chil­dren togeth­er with his (work­ing) wife. He takes care of his body and dress­es in a mod­ern way.

Metrosexuality: the modern man supports his partner and cares about his appearance
Met­ro­sex­u­al­i­ty: the mod­ern man sup­ports his part­ner and cares about his appearance

Nowa­days, men are raised to always be nice to women. From an ear­ly age, they learn to be con­sid­er­ate and respect their wish­es. Vio­lence against women is (right­ly) out­lawed in today’s soci­ety. Through the exam­ple of their fathers, boys learn to avoid con­flict and please women. When it comes to sex, men today place a high val­ue on pleas­ing their female part­ners. Many men put their own sex­u­al desires and needs in the background.

Although this is a wel­come social devel­op­ment, it also has neg­a­tive sides!

In a part­ner­ship with a “Nice Guy” it comes quick­ly to a sex life with which both are not sat­is­fied. Instead of hav­ing a tiger in bed, most women have to set­tle for a pussy­cat. In oth­er words, the major­i­ty of men today are just “too nice.” 

Of course, women like it when they are treat­ed and pam­pered like ladies. Nev­er­the­less, they secret­ly long (at least occa­sion­al­ly) for a real guy who also “grabs” them some­times and fucks them on the kitchen table unre­strained and hard.

Bore­dom and sex­u­al dis­sat­is­fac­tion are the most com­mon rea­sons for cheat­ing, divorce and the fail­ure of partnerships.

Besides the above-men­tioned social rea­sons, bio­log­i­cal rea­sons also play a role: instinc­tive­ly a woman looks for a “strong pro­tec­tor” with good genes… A strong man can pro­tect the woman and the com­mon child from ene­mies and feed the fam­i­ly well. This explains why macho men are so pop­u­lar with women even today, and why alpha males often have such attrac­tive wives.

Hypothesis 2: The Sexual Development-Proceeds Unevenly Over the Course of Life

Sex­u­al mat­u­ra­tion and devel­op­ment from teenage to senior age is usu­al­ly very dif­fer­ent for men and women:

The Girl

Mouth insemination of a redheaded teen brat. Mostly it is a negative experience for women
Mouth insem­i­na­tion of a red­head­ed teen brat. Most­ly it is a neg­a­tive expe­ri­ence for women.

In gen­er­al, girls enter puber­ty much ear­li­er than boys. At the age of 11 — 14, many girls already have their first sex­u­al expe­ri­ences. Their part­ners are often boys who are a few years old­er, exude a cer­tain dom­i­nance and matu­ri­ty, and already have sex­u­al experience.

At a young age, ado­les­cent women are very eager to exper­i­ment and know hard­ly any taboos or inhibitions.

How the fur­ther sex­u­al devel­op­ment of the young woman takes place depends on her part­ners. It can encour­age the devel­op­ment of pref­er­ences at this time, which remain through­out life.

How­ev­er, neg­a­tive expe­ri­ences can also com­plete­ly ruin var­i­ous sex­u­al prac­tices for the rest of life.

The Boy

For boys, puber­ty sets in between the ages of 13 and 15 on aver­age. In the first years, how­ev­er, sex­u­al activ­i­ty is almost exclu­sive­ly lim­it­ed to mas­tur­ba­tion. Sex­u­al con­tact with women or girls usu­al­ly does not occur until the age of 16, some­times even later.

Boys are just as eager to exper­i­ment as girls, at least in their fan­tasies. How­ev­er, many of them are already influ­enced by porn and try all kinds of practices:

In most cas­es, these attempts fail. They are put in their place by their part­ner. Many guys are sim­ply denied the ful­fill­ment of their sex­u­al desires, which dri­ves them into a sub­mis­sive role at an ear­ly age.

Unable to live out their fan­tasies, they con­tin­ue to resort to sub­sti­tute grat­i­fi­ca­tion by secret­ly watch­ing porn on the Inter­net and mas­tur­bat­ing to it.

Jerking off while watching porn - normal for teenagers nowadays
Jerk­ing off while watch­ing porn — nor­mal for teenagers nowadays

Career and Starting a Family Between 20s and 30s

From the ear­ly to mid-twen­ties, the firm part­ner­ship com­mit­ment takes place. Fam­i­ly plan­ning, chil­dren, build­ing a house or pro­fes­sion­al career play an impor­tant role, so sex is clear­ly pushed into the background.

How­ev­er, this does not mean that sex­u­al needs dis­ap­pear com­plete­ly. Depend­ing on pro­fes­sion­al and fam­i­ly stress, sex is still good to mediocre.

How­ev­er, accord­ing to the sex­u­al dis­po­si­tion and work­load, one or both part­ners already start to think about seek­ing sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion out­side the relationship.

The ten­den­cy to cheat­ing increas­es sig­nif­i­cant­ly in both sex­es from 30. Espe­cial­ly at par­ties with col­leagues and friends, dis­as­trous affairs often occur.

The Inter­net facil­i­tates cheat­ing enor­mous­ly via clan­des­tine com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nels and plat­forms. Suit­able sex­u­al part­ners can even be found for unusu­al fantasies.


The Second Spring From 40s

In the for­ties, the chil­dren are grown or even already out of the house. Sex is unfor­tu­nate­ly only so “lala” after many years.

Nev­er­the­less, many women blos­som and become sex­u­al­ly active. Very many women over 40 report that it is “down” again tin­gling and they have many sex­u­al fan­tasies. Watch­ing porn and mas­tur­bat­ing is no longer taboo in this gen­er­a­tion — How­ev­er, unfor­tu­nate­ly, most­ly secret­ly, with­out her husband.

Mature MILF wife masturbates with dildos. Is wifesharing genetically ingrained in us?
Mature MILF wife mas­tur­bates with dil­dos. Is wife­shar­ing genet­i­cal­ly ingrained in us? 

Often, the hus­band (who is tra­di­tion­al­ly a bit old­er any­way) can no longer sat­is­fy her com­plete­ly because the first erec­tion prob­lems show up in him.

If, in addi­tion, women do not receive the expect­ed atten­tion, the risk of cheat­ing increas­es significantly.

But the sit­u­a­tion is no bet­ter for men either. Some come from 40 increas­ing­ly in the midlife cri­sis and get, so to speak, “gate clos­ing panic”. 

They still want to expe­ri­ence as much as pos­si­ble, which brings them to acquire a mis­tress or to live out their lust in a broth­el. The good finan­cial sit­u­a­tion of many men allows them to do things that the wife at home does­n’t know about.

For both sex­es, the rela­tion­ship is in seri­ous dan­ger at this stage if there is a sex­u­al imbalance.

Reduced Sex Drive From the Mid-50s

Only beyond menopause does the sex­u­al sit­u­a­tion relax. This is because in the fifties, the sex dri­ve slow­ly dimin­ish­es in many men and women. In this phase of life, oth­er things become more impor­tant than sex. How­ev­er, the risk of sex­u­al monot­o­ny arises.

If one of the two part­ners remains more active, dan­ger­ous sex­u­al dis­sat­is­fac­tion can con­tin­ue to occur even at an old­er age.

Wifesharing & Cuckolding Enrich the Sex Life

As you can see, from the age of mid-30s to 60s, com­pro­mis­es must be made so that both part­ners can find sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion togeth­er! Sex­u­al hang­outs are nor­mal, but must not become a habit.

If one of the two has sex­u­al inter­ests and desires that the oth­er can’t or won’t ful­fill, seri­ous part­ner­ship prob­lems are pre-pro­grammed above a cer­tain level.

Wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing can enrich the sex life in a com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship enor­mous­ly. It sta­bi­lizes the rela­tion­ship because both spous­es can live out their sex­u­al fan­tasies togeth­er. How­ev­er, it only works if both are seri­ous­ly inter­est­ed in it.

The tri­an­gle of Hotwife, Cuck­old and Bull(s) pro­vides a sym­bio­sis. All involved gain sat­is­fac­tion from the relationship:

Cuckolding: The husband watches the stranger fucking his Hotwife.
Cuck­old­ing: The hus­band watch­es the stranger fuck­ing his Hotwife.
  • The Hotwife gets extreme sat­is­fac­tion from wife­shar­ing. Final­ly, once no cud­dly sex, but she is tak­en real­ly hard and for­eign insem­i­nat­ed. She gets sex not only from the bulls and lovers, but also (usu­al­ly after­wards) from her hus­band, who wants to fol­low the fuck­ers in noth­ing. The antic­i­pa­tion of the joint fuck dates make her libido increase enormously.
  • The wife­shar­er or cuck­old goes through a roller coast­er of emo­tions. He feels antic­i­pa­tion, extreme excite­ment, but also some jeal­ousy, fear and envy. He final­ly does­n’t have to play the alpha male any­more, but can admit that he is sub­mis­sive and may leave his wife to anoth­er guy to fuck.

    The fact that his wife is fucked by strange men has a very pos­i­tive effect on his lust. His libido is also extreme­ly high and the antic­i­pa­tion of the date is enor­mous. After the end of the date with the Bulls, the Cuck­old can hard­ly wait and falls like crazy over her.

    Often he fucks her in the process, when she is still insem­i­nat­ed over and over with sperm, her fish­net stock­ings are torn, and her hair is rum­pled. Many men get a thrill out of fuck­ing the alien-insem­i­nat­ed pussy of their beloved wife and cum in the cum cock­tail themselves.
  • Bull and / or the lover are also very sat­is­fied when cuck­old­ing. Fuck­ing a mar­ried woman is usu­al­ly a social taboo. This tick­les their ego to fuck the horny hotwife as hard as they are phys­i­cal­ly capa­ble. If the cuck­old is humil­i­at­ed with his actions in front of his wife, it is like a balm for his self-esteem. The lovers also enjoy the plea­sure that the woman shows marked­ly. It flat­ters their mas­culin­i­ty. Some bulls have sex with the hotwife sev­er­al times, until they can’t anymore.
Stranger man fucks wife and husband films the BBC fuck
Stranger man fucks a wife and her hus­band films the BBC fuck

Conclusion: Cuckolding & Wifesharing — A Key for Lasting Love Happiness

The psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons of wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing are com­plex and fas­ci­nat­ing at the same time. It is impres­sive that this friv­o­lous lifestyle finds such a strong inter­est regard­less of the lev­el of edu­ca­tion, geo­graph­i­cal ori­gin and social environment.

A rela­tion­ship is only sta­ble in the long term if both part­ners find sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion with each oth­er equal­ly. “Wife shar­ing” can help keep the cou­ple sex­u­al­ly in tune.

Wifesharing: Wife fucks stranger and husband jerks off while watching
Wife­shar­ing: Wife fucks stranger and hus­band jerks off while watching

Being in com­pe­ti­tion with your rival will get the very best out of your hus­band, or life part­ners, that he has to offer. In nature, we speak of the term “sperm competition”.

The man puts a lot of effort into show­ing his best side dur­ing sex and in every­day life.

The cuck­old, or wife­shar­er draws his plea­sure from the sat­is­fac­tion of his wife. He lit­er­al­ly feasts on every orgasm. He believes that his wife “deserves” to have sex with a potent bull or mul­ti­ple lovers. For­eign insem­i­na­tion with­out a con­dom is explic­it­ly part of this.

How­ev­er, enabling sex with strangers does not mean that he nec­es­sar­i­ly wants to com­plete­ly abdi­cate his sex­u­al respon­si­bil­i­ties. On the con­trary, after being with her lover, he can’t wait to have sex with his wife 

Cuck­olds report going through a roller coast­er ride of emo­tions, includ­ing fear, jeal­ousy, and pan­ic, all con­tribut­ing to this inde­scrib­able erot­ic inten­si­ty and excite­ment because his wife is unfaith­ful to him….

Foreign fucked wife enjoys two cocks
For­eign fucked wife enjoys two cocks

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