The hottest birthday present of my Hotwife — My personal Cuckold Story

My name is Sven and I want to tell you my horni­est cuck­old story… 

My wife Maria knew that it excites me incred­i­bly when she tells me her kinky cuck­old fan­tasies or I watch how she is fucked by strange guys. We have been a cuck­old­ing cou­ple for over 10 years and love our lifestyle. What we had­n’t tried yet, how­ev­er, was sex with a dark-skinned BBC bull(Big Black Cock).

A few days before my 47th birth­day, Maria gave me a birth­day card. In it she wrote that she loved me more than any­thing in the world and want­ed to give me a very “per­son­al” birth­day present. She had found a black BBC man on Joy­club and invit­ed him to join us. With “Pepé ” she would like to “rein­feiern” in my birthday 

Almost euphor­i­cal­ly, I agreed. Maria grabbed her cell phone to What­sApp with Pepé to make the date firm.

I was the days total­ly excit­ed with antic­i­pa­tion and could hard­ly wait. Again and again I got a hard-on already at the thought that my wife is fucked by a black giant penis very hard fremdgefickt.

The meeting with BBC Black Bull Pepé

Final­ly the big day had come. Maria had ordered me to fol­low her instruc­tions and those of her Bull with­out argu­ment. When Pepé rang the door­bell, I let him enter. He shook my hand, looked deep into my eyes and asked if I real­ly agreed to fuck Maria.

Cuckold threesome: Hotwife bläst BBC Schwanz und Cucki wichst

Cuck­old three­some: Hotwife sucks BBC cock and cuck wanks

My wife had got­ten her­self all horny for her Black Bull. She wore a very skimpy, slut­ty out­fit with black sus­penders and fish­net stock­ings and high heels. She gave Pepé a kiss as a greeting.

We went into the liv­ing room and Maria ordered me to play a porn DVD with her favorite BBC gangbang 

The two sat down close togeth­er on the couch and groped each oth­er. Maria noticed sent me to the kitchen to serve them both some snacks and drinks 

When I returned, my wife had already opened Pepé’s pants. She was jerk­ing and blow­ing his mas­sive Big Black Cock! Pepé moaned con­tent­ed­ly with her eyes closed, knead­ing her nip­ples with one hand and the oth­er dis­ap­peared under her miniskirt 

I was so excit­ed by the sit­u­a­tion that I had to free my now stiff cock from my pants. I also sat down on the couch and slow­ly rubbed my penis up and down between my thumb and index fin­ger. When I want­ed to jerk off faster, Mari­a’s sharp com­mand stopped me. She made it clear to me that I was allowed to jerk off, but that jerk­ing off was forbidden.

The BBC stallion Pepé and my wife Maria in our marriage bed!

Maria want­ed to fuck with Pepé in our mar­riage bed! She grabbed his enor­mous brown fuck cock and led him into our bed­room as if on a leash. I fol­lowed the two very excited 

Cuckolding: Der extrem großer Penis überrascht die Hotwife.
Cuck­old­ing: The extreme­ly large penis sur­prised the hotwife.

In front of our mar­i­tal bed, they greed­i­ly tore off all the clothes of the two. Pepé grabbed my wife with his strong hands and threw her on the bed. She whooped in sur­prise and spread her legs like a whore 

The black­bull turned to me and ordered me to lick Mari­a’s cunt so she would be nice and wet and ready for action. As a good cuck­old should, I com­plied with the order 

My tongue slid deep into her plea­sure cleft and played around her clit. Maria moaned, grabbed my head and pressed it firm­ly against her pussy 

Her slip­pery pussy juice tast­ed very sweet and smelled seduc­tive. Greed­i­ly I licked out the soak­ing wet pussy.

After a short time Pepé tore me away from Maria. He could no longer restrain his lust and want­ed to fuck my hot wife with his fat veined, black BBC cock horny!

Maria gets fucked incredibly hard by the Black Bull

Slow­ly he pushed his stun­ning giant penis all the way into Mari­a’s cunt. She moaned with a mix­ture of pain and plea­sure. She slipped out with clenched teeth, “Uuu­u­uh, is the dii­i­i­ick!!!”. Pepe began to fuck her with very slow and then increas­ing­ly vio­lent thrusts 

Rough Sex: Die gewaltigen Stöße des gewaltigen Prachtpenis bringen jede Ehestute schon nach wenigen Minuten zum ersten Orgasmus.
Rough Sex: The huge thrusts of the enor­mous mag­nif­i­cent penis bring every mar­i­tal mare to the first orgasm after only a few minutes.

Not two min­utes lat­er, the pussy had become accus­tomed to the huge fuck cock. Maria closed her eyes with plea­sure and purred unin­tel­li­gi­ble words.

With each of Pepé’s thrusts she emit­ted loud cries of plea­sure. She spread her legs as wide as she could to feel the fat mag­nif­i­cent cock even deeper.

Watch­ing the two of them have sex made me incred­i­bly horny and awak­ened great awe in me 

Cuckold watches his wife while she has passionate sex with a stranger BBC

Maria real­ly begged Pepé to fuck her as hard as pos­si­ble and to squirt his horny cum nice and deep into her wet cunt. Spurred on, he fucked my wife bru­tal­ly hard at a gigan­tic and impres­sive pace!

I was impressed by the incred­i­ble amounts of pussy juice Maria pro­duced and how Pepé fucked him foamy with his hard thrusts!

Interracial cuckold sex: Ehefrau wird so hart vom schwarzen BBC Schwanz gefickt, bis der Muschisaft ganz schaumig wurde!
Inter­ra­cial cuck­old sex: Wife gets fucked so hard by black BBC cock until pussy juice got all foamy!

The moan­ing and scream­ing of my wife became faster and faster. It was­n’t long before she was seized by a huge wave of orgasm… 

She clawed with her fin­ger­nails in Pepé’s back, con­vulsed moan­ing loud­ly. for 10 sec­onds she made no sound and made uncon­trolled movements 

I saw that her pussy and butt hole began to pul­sate vio­lent­ly. The bull moaned loudly.

Then final­ly… With Maria, her orgasm dis­charged with a feroc­i­ty that I had nev­er expe­ri­enced with her before!!! In the mid­dle of the cli­max, she burst into hys­ter­i­cal laugh­ter and tears between huge moans.

Grunt­ing loud­ly, Pepé start­ed his final spurt! He mobi­lized all his forces and fucked my beloved wife like a machine.… Until he final­ly poured his huge load of hot semen with many pow­er­ful foun­tains com­plete­ly into her plea­sure cave.

Exhaust­ed and cov­ered with sweat his arms col­lapsed. He low­ered him­self onto Maria and they both kissed passionately.

BBC Cock fickt Ehefrau brutal zum Orgasmus... Pure Lust für alle drei Beteiligten!
BBC Cock bru­tal­ly fucks wife to orgasm.… Pure plea­sure for all three involved!

My personal birthday cake: Pepés & Maria’s BBC Creampie

Cuckold creampie cleanup: Ehemann muss als Geburtstagsüberraschung seiner Frau  ihre besamte Spermamuschi sauber lecken
Cuck­old creampie cleanup: Hus­band has to lick her insem­i­nat­ed cum pussy clean as a birth­day sur­prise for his wife

After a few min­utes, the two had recov­ered a bit. Pepé stood up and word­less­ly grabbed me by the scruff of the neck 

He pressed my head between Mari­a’s legs and forced me to lick her fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed pussy clean.

Obe­di­ent­ly I obeyed the com­mand. For­tu­nate­ly, I had prac­ticed lick­ing creampie clean sev­er­al months ear­li­er with my own cum and licked the foamy fucked cum cunt clean with­out any problems 

“Braaav you do that my dar­ling!” com­ment­ed Maria on my thor­ough approach, “and don’t you dare swallow!!!”

Most cuck­old cou­ples love inti­mate cum kiss­ing and swap­ping cum back and forth (cum swapping/snowballing).

She point­ed her index fin­ger into her pubic hair and added sharply “Here you for­got some­thing else!”. Lick­ing the for­eign sperm out of her coiffed pussy hair tri­an­gle was not so easy.

When I was the pussy clean as a whis­tle again, Maria demand­ed a horny sperm kiss. We deliv­ered us a horny snow­balling snow­ball fight and shared the fresh­ly tapped bull cream.

Pepé became our smooching at some point too much and held out to us his penis cov­ered with foamy love juices. He chal­lenged Maria and me to blow his mas­sive penis clean together 

“What??? I should take a cock in my mouth??? Nev­er I done that before!”. I looked plead­ing­ly and pan­ic-strick­en at my wife 

But she had no mer­cy! She grabbed my hair and pushed my face to the black XXL penis. She hissed at me, “You promised me!!!” I opened my mouth and took turns lick­ing Pepé’s mas­sive cock clean with my wife.

Cleaned, squirted … and stranger fuck round “Two” follows

Maria is always incred­i­bly horny when clean­ing creampie any­way, but that I also have to lick the bul­l’s cock clean, she horny ani­mal. A mix­ture of scorn and horni­ness flit­ted over her face! The sight of me clean­ing Pepé’s pri­vates made her hand wan­der between her legs and mas­tur­bate violently 

Squirting hilft vielen Frauen beim harten Fremdficken, um ein Druckgefühl in der Pussy abzubauen.
Squirt­ing helps many women fuck hard strangers to relieve a feel­ing of pres­sure in the pussy.

She jerked her clit with her right hand and fin­gered her com­plete­ly over­stim­u­lat­ed cum pussy with her left. Every now and then she angling her­self some creampie from the pussy and licked the fin­gers clean with pleasure.

She want­ed to reduce the pres­sure build­ing up in the pussy dur­ing hard fuck­ing and now made vio­lent jig­gling move­ments with mid­dle and ring fin­ger. I knew what was com­ing now and helped Marie jerk off the clit at a mur­der pace.…

Maria breathed faster and faster, began to moan loud­ly again and jerked sev­er­al times. Well prac­ticed, she pulled out her fin­gers in one jerk. Three incred­i­bly pow­er­ful foun­tains of squirt spurt­ed gush­ing­ly, half a meter from the wild­ly twitch­ing pussy 

Pepé react­ed in the heat of the moment! He grabbed me by the neck again and pushed me with a jerk to the gush­ing squirt cunt. I knew what I had to do and opened my mouth. It was com­plete­ly impos­si­ble for me to com­plete­ly take in all the copi­ous squirt.

BBC Bull Pepé saves my blown birthday fuck 😉

My cock was rock hard. Since it was my birth­day, I was now allowed to fuck Mari­a’s slip­pery sperm pussy direct­ly in the pres­ence of Pepé 

Es ist eine grundsätzliche Regel, dass alle Cuckolds ihr eigenes Sperma selbst schlucken müssen!
It is a basic rule that all cuck­olds must swal­low their own sperm themselves!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I squirt­ed (as always) much too fast. Pepé, grin­ning broad­ly, com­ment­ed on my brief fuck with the nasty, pity­ing line, “Aaach, that’s it already?!”

How­ev­er, my sub­se­quent, repeat­ed clean­ing rit­u­al excit­ed him. I was not allowed to cum two weeks before and thus I had also ejac­u­lat­ed a con­sid­er­able load of sperm into Mari­a’s pussy.

As I thor­ough­ly recy­cled the con­sid­er­able creampie, his mas­sive cock became hard again. “Sven, watch this! THIS is how it’s done!” he rang in the sex for round two 

He fucked my wife again with a good 50 hard thrusts. Then he slow­ly drilled his big appa­ra­tus into my wife’s but­t­hole. After a good 5 min­utes, the anus was suf­fi­cient­ly stretched. He fucked her cunt and ass alter­nate­ly. Maria stag­gered towards her next orgasm.

When Pepé nailed anoth­er vol­ley of fast, hard fuck­ing thrusts into my wife, she con­vulsed again and made a face as if she had bit­ten into a lemon. What fol­lowed I knew only from porn.…

Bei einem derart harten Fick hat sie keine Chance es aufzuhalten! Hotwife squirtet beim BBC Fick mitten im Orgasmus einfach ab.
With such a hard fuck she has no chance to stop it! Hotwife squirts off BBC fuck in the mid­dle of orgasm.

A cuckold dream: Wife’s pussy squirted while a stranger fucked her hard

BBC Bull fickt die Hotwife nach dem Squirting einfach hart weiter
BBC Bull fucks the hotwife after squirt­ing just hard further

The fat BBC cock had stim­u­lat­ed the nerve tis­sue of the anus and G‑spot so much that it trig­gered anoth­er squirt­ing orgasm! 

My wife’s female ejac­u­la­tion is com­plete­ly uncon­trol­lable every time.… Her pussy flung out the cock with three bla­tant squirt foun­tains and splashed Pepé against his ath­let­ic belly!

Pepé was horny as hell! It did­n’t take long for him to orgasm again too! 

He ejac­u­lat­ed his sec­ond giant load of bull sperm in sev­en impres­sive spurts direct­ly into the pret­ty face of my wife. Greed­i­ly she snatched with wide open mouth after each sperm splash 

After the facial insem­i­na­tion, how­ev­er, the tongue kiss was reserved for me. Like out of our minds, we kissed each oth­er, with me every now and then bend­ing some sperm from noses, cheeks and fore­heads into her mouth.

After the horny last fuck, Pepé drank his drink, got dressed, said good­bye and went home 

When he was gone, my wife wished me a hap­py birth­day. Arm in arm, we fell asleep exhaust­ed, cov­ered in cum and squirt — but very, very happy.

Für eine Frau ist es das größte Glück auf Erden, extrem hart von einem Riesenpenis zum Orgasmus gefickt zu werden.
For a woman, being fucked extreme­ly hard to orgasm by a giant penis is the great­est hap­pi­ness on earth. Source: Blacke­dRaw

My kinky cuckold birthday morning

On the morn­ing of my birth­day, I was wok­en up by Maria with a pas­sion­ate kiss and a birth­day break­fast in bed. On a tray were fresh rolls, red straw­ber­ry jam, sliced toma­toes, sausage and cheese and a bowl of scram­bled eggs.

Maria crawled to me under the warm cov­ers and want­ed to cud­dle some more. We both heard the mer­ci­less­ly horny sex scent under the cov­ers! He made us extreme­ly horny. I felt my cock get­ting hard. Maria had a spon­ta­neous, nasty idea and grinned mischievously.

Cum food for a cuck­old: Cum with scram­bled eggs

Break­fast this, break­fast that… She jerked and blew my stiff scent­ed cock. I could­n’t help it and switched down to Mari­a’s scent­ed pussy to fin­ger and lick it horny.

The pussy was still quite slip­pery-warm. Her love scent was pure mad­ness. I emerged from the blan­ket again, kissed Maria, pushed my fuck cock into the horny pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. It did­n’t take long, of course, and I squirt­ed into my alien-insem­i­nat­ed wife.

Maria grabbed the scram­ble bowl, squat­ted on the mat­tress and put it between her thighs. The creampie ran out of her pussy right over the scram­bled eggs. With plea­sure we ate snug­gled up close to each oth­er our beau­ti­ful, dirty horny breakfast.

Maria had made me the most beau­ti­ful gift of my life and “baked” the hottest creampie cream birth­day cake of my life. Her idea with the sperm scram­ble I also found extreme­ly horny. Already I was look­ing for­ward to when Pepé fucks my wife again in front of my eyes so horny.

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Cuckold birthday present
Prob­a­bly the hottest birth­day present for a cuck­old: A hot cream cake (creampie) from his wife and her BBC bull.

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