Our horny wifesharing history

Hi, I’m Frank (41) from Berlinm Ger­many and I’m mar­ried to one of the most sex­u­al­ly excit­ing women in the world named Anke. Already at the time of our wed­ding, we swore that our love life would nev­er become as dull and bor­ing as that of many of our friends.

I would like to tell you here about the events with my hotwife Anke (43). Please excuse the very long text, but I real­ly can not leave out any detail. Take your time to read. It will be worth it!

Fantasies become reality

Well… I noticed already a few months after our wed­ding that also with us a cer­tain sex­u­al monot­o­ny devel­oped. Imme­di­ate­ly I steered against it!

Cuckold couple watches porn together
Cuck­old cou­ple watch­es porn together

I bought Anke sexy lin­gerie and high heels, real fuck-me pumps and sev­er­al vibra­tors, dil­dos and suckers.

Skill­ful­ly I man­aged to get her excit­ed about porn. After a short time we watched horny sperm and cuck­old movies under a blan­ket sev­er­al times a week.

We indulged togeth­er in fan­tasies of gang­bangs, XXL cocks and plen­ty of sperm. Our thoughts made us both inces­sant­ly, real­ly horny.

More and more often I urged Anke to have sex with me in places where the risk of get­ting caught was high. The dil­dos were also get­ting thick­er and big­ger. Anke was more and more into BDSM and horny pain on nip­ples and pussy.

But it still took a good 2 1/2 years until we dared to turn the fan­tasies into reality.

The first foreign cock attempt

The first for­eign cock con­tact hap­pened at a par­ty. Anke pre­tend­ed to be drunk. She allowed some guy to push her into a dark cor­ner and grope her. She knew I was watch­ing her, so she unzipped his pants, took out his cock and start­ed jerk­ing it.

Howife kisses a strange man
How­ife kiss­es a strange man

The guy spun around so his back was to me and I could­n’t see what he was doing to Anke. How­ev­er, this allowed her to look right over his shoul­der at me. She waved and blew kiss­es at me.

To this she whis­pered, “Come here.” I did what she told me and came clos­er. In the process, I heard her whis­per some­thing in the guy’s ear.

He sud­den­ly turned around, was very fright­ened and had trou­ble forc­ing his hard-on back into his pants. As soon as he had made off, I went with Anke into the garage.

There I fucked her through on the hood of the car of the hosts and squirt­ed very vio­lent­ly in Anke‘s mouth. After a long cum kiss it went then only nachh home,

Anke‘s first stranger blowjob in the cinema

A few months lat­er, in win­ter, we went to a movie show in the after­noon. The audi­to­ri­um was almost emp­ty. When we sat down, she opened her coat and showed me that she was stark naked under­neath. I took my hand and put it on her pussy.

Blowjob in the cinema - Cuckold story
Blowjob in the cin­e­ma — Cuck­old story

We sat like this dur­ing the entire movie. Every now and then I bru­tal­ly fin­gered Anke so she could­n’t stop moaning.

The guy next to her on the oth­er seat hard­ly noticed the movie. He brave­ly put his hand on her thigh. Since she did­n’t protest, the guy stroked Anke’s soak­ing wet pussy and sniffed his wet, fra­grant fingers.

It did­n’t take a quar­ter of an hour, then Anke knelt down in front of the stranger. She opened his pants and jerked and blew his cock until he squirt­ed. She let her­self cum in her mouth and swal­lowed most of the stranger’s cum … and then kissed me!

The sit­u­a­tion and the kiss­es made me so incred­i­bly horny that I had to fuck her vio­lent­ly direct­ly in the park­ing lot of the cin­e­ma and squirt in her horny fuck hole!!!

My wife fingered by a stranger

That same evening we went to a bar. I played darts and Anke bil­liards. I heard some­one say, “Look at that!” Turn­ing around, I saw Anke stand­ing on one leg and bend­ing over to make a shot.

Billiards without panties: Wife sharing fantasies
Bil­liards with­out panties: Wife shar­ing fantasies 

As she did so, her lit­tle dress slid up. She wore no panties and pre­sent­ed her wet pussy and ass cheeks. The guy she was play­ing against let her win just to keep her at the table.

One guy got brave. When she stretched, he stepped right behind her. I noticed a jolt go through her. She smiled at me. I knew then that he had put his hand on her ass.

Lat­er she told me that he had put three of his fin­gers in her pussy. This made me so horny that I had to fuck Anke again.

Due to her strong arousal and my two sperm loads it smelled so horny under the cov­ers that night that I dived between her thighs and licked her sperm pussy com­plete­ly for the first time. It was such an incred­i­bly horny expe­ri­ence that I licked her greed­i­ly until orgasm.

Anke, the horny hot party bitch

Now I was get­ting a lit­tle too crazy: one day I asked Anke to go to a par­ty alone and fuck strangers with­out my pres­ence. I would wait for her out­side on the street in the car! She did me the “lit­tle favor” and brought a soak­ing wet sperm pussy from the par­ty! The panties were drip­ping wet full of stranger sperm!

Stranger Creampie - Cum in Panties
Stranger Creampie — Cum in Panties

We did it so a few more times. Anke always behaved most inde­cent­ly when she had con­sumed a few drinks at parties.

Often we drove home in the car and she told me in detail what she had done. It reg­u­lar­ly end­ed with me pulling over and fuck­ing her in the mid­dle of the road.

The sperm briefs I always licked thor­ough­ly clean and kept them in my desk draw­er as a sou­venir. More and more often I licked Anke’s creampie clean after sex and let her “come” again while licking.

My friends come into play in our cuckold sex fantasy

Anke flirt­ed more and more often with my friends and con­fessed to me one day that she would like to fuck with all of them togeth­er. After I gave her my con­sent, her sex­u­al fan­tasies real­ly bub­bled over.

For more than a year I have been play­ing pok­er with my friends every Thurs­day night. We met in turn at each mem­ber of the round. Since there were 7 of us in total, it was my turn about every 2 months.

As the only woman present, Anke was always the cen­ter of atten­tion as soon as she entered the room. She always dressed sex­i­ly to please me or to tease me. When she was ful­fill­ing her duties as host­ess, she was always flirt­ed with.

As soon as the bud­dies left, we rushed to bed and fucked very passionately.

Up until that point, her face was actu­al­ly always off-lim­its to my cum. But I still remem­ber exact­ly that she begged me for the first time down­right to inject her from now on please more often in the face. I should then kiss her horny and lick her face slow­ly and thor­ough­ly clean. I was com­plete­ly delight­ed and sur­prised that sperm and pussy juice were always and more often at the top of the menu with us 😉 She mas­tur­bat­ed sev­er­al times a day despite good sex with me.

The unforgettable wife sharing poker evening

One day our round met again with us. When the men arrived, they imme­di­ate­ly noticed that Anke was not there. She was shopping.

Most of the men were vis­i­bly dis­ap­point­ed, but Ste­fan said, “In a way, I’m glad Anke isn’t here. I brought a video to show you all.” He went out to his car and got the DVD. It was a porno titled, “Girls Who Love To Suck.” It was a two-hour video about girls suck­ing men’s dicks until they cum.

We sat in our chairs horny and shout­ing things like, “Oh, what a mouth!” or “Look at her swal­low his thing!” or “This can’t be real. No woman has ever sat­is­fied me like that!”

Tom said, “I’d give 100 euros to find a woman who would suck my cock even half as well!”

Anke, the blowjob slut

A voice behind him said, “Would you pay 200 for a blowjob twice as good?” We turned around and saw Anke. She had walked in with­out us hear­ing her.

Tom stood up, grabbed his wal­let and put 200 on the table. At the same time, provoca­tive­ly and laugh­ing, he dropped his pants and under­pants. His semi-stiff cock stood out in front of him. He said, “Your turn, sweet­ie.” He sat down on the couch and wait­ed to see what Anke would do. We all watched Anke and actu­al­ly expect­ed her to turn around and leave the room.

Bukkake - Face cum - Facial
Bukkake — Face cum — Facial

Instead, she walked over to Tom and knelt between his legs. Every­one in the room turned to look at me, stunned. When I made no move to inter­vene, Anke said, “You can all watch, but don’t touch me.”

She gave me one last look and as I smiled at her, she turned to Tom and sucked in his cock. Her head moved up and down as her hand played with his balls. She let his cock slide out of her mouth and licked the shaft down to the sack. Then she slow­ly worked her way back up the under­side to the glans. Once there, she swal­lowed it as deep as she could and began greed­i­ly blow­ing and jerk­ing hard.

This went on for about 4 min­utes until Tom sud­den­ly grabbed her by the back of the head. He pressed her mouth against his cock and stretched his body towards her mouth. I saw his cum run­ning out of the cor­ner of her mouth and drip­ping off her chin in a long thread of cum. She swal­lowed quick­ly, but did­n’t man­age it all.

Hot facial insemination of the marriage stud: An unforgettable cuckold story

A whole wad of bills slapped on the table by my bud­dies next to Tom’s mon­ey. Michael stepped for­ward — with his cock tow­er­ing in front of him. Anke licked Tom’s cock clean. Then she turned to Michael and took his cock in her mouth.

She took his ass cheeks in both hands and pulled him towards her. Then she inhaled him. I was stunned!

Michael last­ed just 3 min­utes before he unloaded on her fore­head and nose with sev­en impres­sive spurts of cum. Again I saw cum run­ning down Anke’s chin. A mer­ci­less­ly horny sight!

Ron­ny just stood close by and jerked his cock like a wild man. With a loud moan, he rough­ly grabbed Anke’s pig­tail and unloaded his gnarled fuck cock in the wide open mouth of my wife.

Wifesharing Cumshot Facials
Wife­shar­ing — Cumshot Facials

I could­n’t believe that my own wife could swal­low such mas­sive amounts of cum from so many guys. My bud­dies had real­ly dec­o­rat­ed the pret­ty face extreme­ly horny — The cum drip­ping on the blouse looked extreme­ly stimulating.

Ste­fan said, “I only have a hun­dred on me at the moment. Will you accept an IOU until tomor­row?” Anke said, “Bring it on, sweet­ie. I want to taste how you taste.”

While she was suck­ing Ste­fan’s hard cock, Fabi­an and Nico approached her and pre­sent­ed their cocks. Anke took each in one hand and began to jerk them off, con­tin­u­ing to blow Stefan.

Nico was so horny that he orgasmed imme­di­ate­ly, spray­ing his cum direct­ly onto Anke’s chin, cheeks and blouse. She let go of Ste­fan’s penis and caught Nico’s twitch­ing and horny squirt­ing penis with her mouth. Greed­i­ly she sucked the last drops of sperm from his glans and then took care of Ste­fan again.

Cuckold licks clean his full cum covered wife

Har­ry approached her and took the place Nico had just left. Imme­di­ate­ly, she began to jerk his cock as well. By now, Michael had become hard again. He mur­mured some­thing to the effect of “horny cum sow.”

Niels had now also final­ly brought his cock into posi­tion. But Anke instruct­ed them to sit on the couch and wait. As soon as she was done with Ste­fan, Har­ry and Fabi­an, she would take care of the two.

Ste­fan was the first to cum and Anke swal­lowed his entire load of love juice. Watch­ing this brought Fabi­an to cli­max. He squirt­ed his seed all over the front of Anke’s blouse. She held his mem­ber until she was done with Ste­fan. Then she licked Fabi­an’s penis clean, turned to Har­ry and put his cock deep in her mouth.

This went on and on until all the cocks were com­plete­ly sucked dry after a good hour. Anke final­ly said, “Sor­ry guys, but now it’s my hus­band’s turn. I’ll tell you what. If you cash in your IOUs, we can repeat the fun occasionally.”

Guys, guys! My wife’s face was cov­ered all over with copi­ous amounts of sack cream!!! When the six guys were gone, I fucked the brains out of Anke’s head.

Me made her sperm scent when kiss­ing fuch­s­teufel­swild and I licked unso­licit­ed over and over again over her ful­ly sprayed face and neck. Anke made it extreme­ly on that I licked her face so thor­ough­ly clean.

Anke decides: The birth of a real hotwife

Over the course of the next week, one after the oth­er of my friends called me and each asked if the next round of pok­er could take place at my place again instead of switch­ing as usual.

I replied that I would have to dis­cuss it with Anke and would inform her. When I told Anke about it, she grinned and said, “I must have been pret­ty good, but I don’t know if I’d do it again. Not any­time soon, anyway.”

The next morn­ing, just as I was get­ting ready for work, Anke sud­den­ly said, “I thought about it last night. The thought of it made me extreme­ly horny. Let’s do it again.” That she was horny was true. That morn­ing I was 2 hours late for work.

Hotwife Story: Cuckold Poker
Hotwife Sto­ry: Cuck­old Poker

The second round of poker — Part 2 of my Cuckold Story

That Thurs­day, Anke did every­thing she could to get the guys horny. She opened the door for them, dressed only in a black bra, panties and high heels. Before an hour was up, she had only her high heels on.

The guys kept try­ing to grab her while she served us drinks, but Anke almost always man­aged to elude them. That night I won a lot of mon­ey (as far as that’s pos­si­ble when you’re only play­ing for small change) because I was the only one pay­ing atten­tion to the cards.

The guys kept want­i­ng to throw down the cards and pounce on Anke, but she said, “You came here to play cards. Any­thing else I may allow is a bonus. I have no inten­tion of turn­ing your pok­er night into a blowjob night. You guys usu­al­ly play until 11pm and noth­ing else will hap­pen until then, if at all.” She made the last state­ment to shock them.

After the last round, Anke looked at the guys’ expec­tant faces and said, “Guess I will. Draw your cards to decide who goes first.” The cards were shuf­fled and the boys each drew one.

Har­ry had the high­est card and Anke led him to the couch where she knelt between his legs. She turned to the round and spoke, “Same rules as last time. No one touch­es me and no one jerks off. I’m going to suck you off.”

She quick­ly fin­ished with Har­ry, Nico and Tom and was work­ing Ste­fan over. For some rea­son, though, he could­n’t cum. He shout­ed, “Tell you what, why don’t you let us watch you fuck Frank (that’s me, Anke’s hus­band)? That might make me cum!”

The guys shout­ed in uni­son, “Yeah, do it, fuck him, Anke!”

I shrugged my shoul­ders, feel­ing ner­vous. After all, it would be the first time I fucked in front of spectators.

I fuck Anke in front of my friends

She let go of Ste­fan, got up and went to the din­ing table. There she lay down on it. The height of the table was per­fect. My cock slipped effort­less­ly into her hot, wet pussy.

The guys almost went crazy and cheered us on by shout­ing. They crowd­ed around the table so as not to miss any­thing. Anke wrapped her legs around my hips and I start­ed fuck­ing her with steady thrusts. With­in min­utes, I was reward­ed with her first orgasm.

Actu­al­ly, I had thought that I would last longer. Just before the guys arrived we had had sex. But watch­ing her stalk around naked and suck Har­ry’s, Nico’s and Tom’s cocks had made me extreme­ly horny.

As soon as she had had her orgasm, I also came in her horny pussy.

Sexstory: Cuckold Poker mit meiner Ehefrau
Sexs­to­ry: Cuck­old Pok­er with my wife

Poker gangbang: Anke as a fuck piece for all

When I was done, I pulled my cock out of Anke’s pussy to give her the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­tin­ue her blowjob with Ste­fan. As I was leav­ing, I bumped into some­one. I looked around and saw that Michael was tak­ing the place I had just left. His penis had already dis­ap­peared halfway inside Anke. She looked up in sur­prise, rec­og­nized Michael, and looked at me as if to ask what she should do.

Before I could react, she moaned, “Oh, my God.” Her legs lift­ed and clenched around Michael. He fucked her so hard that she was pushed across the table. She held on to the edges with both hands and pressed back against Michael’s body. Ste­fan, stand­ing to the side, stepped up to her and pressed his stiff penis against her lips. She glared at him and opened her mouth to suck in his cock.

At the same time, Fabi­an leaned for­ward. He sucked on one of her tits while knead­ing the oth­er. Anke reached over and took his cock in her hand. She moaned and made loud smack­ing sounds. Her hips bucked up, toward Michael. She let Ste­fan’s penis slide out of her mouth and cried, “Oh yes, Michael, oh God, yes!” Michael grunt­ed, “I’m cum­ming, baby, I’m cumming!”

Even as his cum squirt­ed into Anke’s pussy, Nico pulled him away. One last foun­tain land­ed on Anke’s abdomen, then Nico was already inside her, fuck­ing her like a man pos­sessed. The change hap­pened so fast that I was­n’t sure if Anke even noticed it.

Nico’s cock made loud smack­ing nois­es with each thrust while he fucked Anke as hard as he could. Very much sperm of my friends ran out of the horny pussy of my wife on the tabletop.

Gangbang meiner Ehestute
Gang­bang my mar­i­tal mare

Anke’s hand groped around and found Ron­ny’s mem­ber. Before Ste­fan could push his hard penis into her mouth again, Anke cried out because she had the next orgasm. Only min­utes lat­er, Nico came and sank down on Anke. Again, Ron­ny insem­i­nat­ed impres­sive­ly my wife’s face and mouth.

Ste­fan pulled his cock out of her mouth, pushed Nico aside and thrust his steel-hard club all the way into her drip­ping wet pussy.

Fabi­an took Ste­fan’s place at Anke’s mouth and Tom start­ed work­ing Anke’s breasts. Ste­fan fucked Anke as hard and fast as he could. After bare­ly 4 min­utes he moaned, “I’m cum­ming, I’m cum­ming!” Anke let Fabi­an’s cock go for a moment and replied, “Give it to me baby, squirt it in me!”

Har­ry, who had been stand­ing to the side wait­ing, want­ed to be the next to place him­self between Anke’s thighs. How­ev­er, she com­plained that the hard table top was caus­ing her back pain. Fabi­an and Har­ry helped her up and maneu­vered her into the bed­room. There Fabi­an lay back­wards on the bed. Anke got on all fours, bent over Fabi­an and pushed his mem­ber deep into her mouth.

Mean­while Har­ry came from behind. He grabbed Anke by the butt and pen­e­trat­ed her from behind. Anke gave a muf­fled moan and squeal as Har­ry’s cock fucked her with wild thrusts. As Har­ry spurt­ed his load into her, Anke was rocked by the next orgasm. Pulling out, the last foun­tain of cum land­ed right on Anke’s asshole.

Anke gets ass fucked on the poker table

Tom had wait­ed because he want­ed his turn after Har­ry. When he saw Anke’s cum stained butt hole, he had a spon­ta­neous idea. He put his glans on her butt and slow­ly slid in.

I saw Anke’s eyes go wide when she real­ized what was hap­pen­ing, but it was too late. She was about to let Fabi­an’s cock slide out of her mouth to protest when he cried out that he was com­ing. He grabbed the back of her head and rammed his mem­ber deep into her mouth.

Niels kept in the back­ground all the time and now dared to my wife after all. He fetched the lost Fick­sal­ven down­right bru­tal in a short time and let Anke mega-mega-heftig come to orgasm. He squirt­ed his com­plete sack cream into her gap­ing, swollen and bloody fuck pussy pure. I was deeply impressed by him! Great performance!

Anke swal­lowed as fast as she could to avoid chok­ing on Fabi­an’s flood of semen. By the time his cock final­ly went limp, Tom was already eager­ly fuck­ing Anke’s ass. Anke start­ed shout­ing, “Oh mad­ness, yes, keep going!”.

Dur­ing the next hour and a half, Anke had con­stant­ly chang­ing cocks in her full pussy and but­t­hole. I per­ma­nent­ly col­lect­ed the cum run­ning out of her pussy with my hands and rubbed it all over her face, breasts and bel­ly. Anke shone and smelled!

Wifescharing Story: Cuckold Poker - Wife Gets Ass Fucked on poker table
Wifeschar­ing Sto­ry: Cuck­old Pok­er — Wife Gets Ass Fucked on pok­er table

Anke as a three hole mare

Ste­fan was just wait­ing his turn again when he had an idea. He said: Why am I actu­al­ly wait­ing? After all, she has 3 holes!” From then on Anke expe­ri­enced (and enjoyed) her first triple fuck.

The first time, Har­ry stood at the head of the bed and had his cock sucked while she bounced up and down on Michael’s cock and Ste­fan worked her asshole.

The sec­ond time she was tak­en from behind by Nico. Nico held her ass up. She leaned back a bit so Fabi­an could fuck her pussy while Michael filled her mouth with his hard cock.

It doesn’t help: I have to cum in my Anke again!

In the end it was already 3am and the guys and Anke were com­plete­ly done. They stag­gered out leav­ing a bro­ken fucked Anke on the bed. I stepped into the bed­room. My cock was so hard it almost hurt.

Anke looked up and smiled at me, “There you are at last, dar­ling. I was begin­ning to think you weren’t inter­est­ed in me any­more.” I bent over her and kissed her cum cov­ered lips.

Then I pushed my rock hard penis into her already well fucked pussy. Her cum over­flow­ing pussy felt incred­i­bly horny around my glans. I could­n’t help it and after a short time I already squirt­ed my load to the many oth­ers that filled her plea­sure grotto.

When I had cum, I want­ed to snug­gle up. But instead Anne pushed my head very rude­ly between her legs. I had nev­er had so much to lick clean. It ran again and again new Creampie from the damn horny Sperma­pussy! It was like a fight against the wind­mills. Anke want­ed to get a lot of sperm off and we sucked with the sperm of my friends very much while kiss­ing around.

Sex Story: Cuckold poker - Hotwife sucks strangers cock and gets fucked good and hard
Sex Sto­ry: Cuck­old pok­er — Hotwife sucks strangers cock and gets fucked good and hard

Fucking horny scents and memories

Anke and I fell asleep hap­pi­ly. In the morn­ing we woke up only 8:30, it smelled crazy horny in the bed­room. I licked her to the morn­ing greet­ing to orgasm. Then we both called in sick at our jobs.

We stayed home and could­n’t get out of bed. We turned on some gang­bang porn and fucked like crazy all day! We were insa­tiable and kissed each oth­er incred­i­bly hard and horny.

Cum clean-up the dream fragrant cunt
Cum clean-up the dream fra­grant cunt

Since we had not man­aged to show­er until the fol­low­ing late evening, Anke smelled extreme­ly horny cum and pussy love juices plus her attrac­tants on neck and armpits.

It was 1000 times hornier than after my own creampie!!! I licked Anke entire body clean again and again!

Through the many sperm of my bud­dies, her skin was very ten­der. Also Anke fin­gered con­stant­ly the small­est sperm drop out, rubbed con­stant­ly the cli­toris to orgasm and licked “over and over again” her wet fin­gers. Greed­i­ly we tried to steal the horny love juices from our mouths while kissing.

Anke told me that she had enjoyed every sec­ond of the evening and could hard­ly wait for the next time.

This was the key expe­ri­ence for sub­se­quent incred­i­bly horny sex adven­tures. The stranger fucks have in no way harmed our love for each oth­er. On the con­trary — we feel very close and are a very hap­py cou­ple! None of my bud­dies has betrayed it either! Men’s secret!

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