Three stallions for my wife: (M)a Cuckold story

My name is Chris­t­ian, I am 41 years old and I would like to tell you a Cuck­old sto­ry of my Hotwife. I was once again on a busi­ness trip. The nego­ti­a­tions with the cus­tomer went bet­ter than expected 

I was able to secure a good order for the com­pa­ny and come home a day ear­li­er than planned. On top of that, I got a big bonus. In a good mood, I set off for home 

As I tired­ly steered my car through our res­i­den­tial street after three hours of dri­ving to find a park­ing space, 2 burly, dark-skinned men approached me from the direc­tion of our house. They were laugh­ing loud­ly and high-fiv­ing each oth­er. I won­dered because it was already rel­a­tive­ly late and we lived in an all res­i­den­tial neighborhood 

I had no luck find­ing a park­ing space and had to walk a bit. Once inside, every­thing was dark and qui­et. Sure­ly San­dra is already asleep, I thought and qui­et­ly went into the bedroom.

On the way home... Hotwife wife had sex with strangers!
On the way home… Hotwife wife had sex with strangers!

Sandra, my sweet wife whore sleeps fremdbesamt in the marriage bed

But there await­ed me an unfor­get­table sight. Root­ed to the spot, I stopped on the doorstep! My wife (San­dra, 37) was lying on the bed and sleeping 

Sleeping, foreign inseminated wife
Sleep­ing, for­eign insem­i­nat­ed wife

The bed was rum­pled and it smelled of squirt, sweat and sperm. Next to the bed were strap­less stock­ings and high heels like from a cheap slut.

No doubt she had been fucked hard recent­ly! These were cer­tain­ly the two guys I had seen earlier! 

I could see exact­ly that a huge creampie had left its mark between San­dra’s legs. Also her pret­ty face, her hair, her breasts … oh, her whole body was dec­o­rat­ed with white sperm residue. There was a huge wet squirt­ing stain on the sheet.

What sur­prised me most was my own reac­tion. Instead of get­ting angry and jeal­ous, I got plea­sure and my penis became hard as steel. I qui­et­ly undressed in the hall­way and did­n’t even both­er to wake Sandra 

I lay down on top of her and my mem­ber slid into her plea­sure cleft almost by itself. Her cunt was still dilat­ed and soak­ing wet. With­out a doubt San­dra had plen­ty of for­eign sperm in her. This made me extreme­ly horny.

My fremdgefickte wife is refueled directly!

I moved care­ful­ly, aimed my stiff penis between San­dra’s labia and rammed hard. With­out fore­play or announce­ment I fucked her like possessed 

Bedsheets full of squirt and cum after gangbang
Bed­sheets full of squirt and cum after gangbang

Of course San­dra woke up from this. She got a huge fright when she sud­den­ly found her hus­band on top of her 

I pressed her into the mat­tress. My lust dis­placed every­thing else. First I had to fuck her! 

Rough­ly I gave her to under­stand that she should get on all fours. Word­less­ly she did it and I fucked San­dra bru­tal­ly like a doll from behind 

Almost simul­ta­ne­ous­ly we both came to orgasm. We moaned, twitched and spasmed. When I had also cum into her horny smelling, insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt, we slumped down and lay arm-in-arm exhaust­ed next to each other.

I turned to my wife and urged her to talk, “What were those guys who just ran into me on the street?! What was going on?!”

Sandra’s Hotwife Confession

She cried and asked me to for­give her. I calmed her down and asked her to tell me what had hap­pened. She con­fessed to me that my sus­pi­cions were cor­rect. She had indeed fucked the two guys I had met. After­wards she had fall­en asleep from exhaustion 

She said that she had had a high libido for sev­er­al months and that one man was not enough for her. There­fore, she some­times met with sev­er­al men for group sex. She affirmed to me over and over again that she loved me more than any­thing, how­ev­er, and that she did not want to lose me.

Aston­ished and relieved, she noticed that my cock was already some­what stiff again at her report 

Then I con­fessed to her that I liked the thought when she had sex with oth­er men. The stone that fell from San­dra’s heart, you could hear plump. She sug­gest­ed that I sim­ply accom­pa­ny her on the next date and observe how she did it with oth­er men. I liked the suggestion 

To seal our agree­ment, we kissed pas­sion­ate­ly. I for­bade her to take a show­er and had to fuck her horny again that night.

Cuckold Sessions

Our sex date with three experienced Bulls

San­dra and I orga­nized this time the next sex­date togeth­er. In the mean­time, she for­bade me to cum or jerk off secret­ly while fuck­ing with­out per­mis­sion. So that I was not tempt­ed, I had to wear a penis cage in her absence.

I learned how to ruin orgasms and felt how per­ma­nent­ly horny I became through orgasm con­trol. We bought sex toys and watched porn togeth­er. Nev­er before had we had such good sex! The desire to watch San­dra fuck strangers became more and more vivid.

One day San­dra made me a promise. She knew that anal sex has been my biggest unful­filled desire for many years. If every­thing worked out on the date and I behaved well, she promised to let me fuck her in the ass. I was thrilled!

Gangbang in hotel room
Gang­bang in hotel room

In a pop­u­lar hotel in Dort­mund we booked two rooms between which there was a con­nect­ing door. I should hide in the oth­er room and watch through the door how she was fucked 

Just the thought of it made me so horny that I would cer­tain­ly have jerked off if it had­n’t been for the penis cage!

I was there soon­er and took off my clothes. Relieved, I noticed that the con­nect­ing door (as ordered) was unlocked. From there, I could get a good view of the neigh­bor­ing room. After a few min­utes I heard the door next door being unlocked. I quick­ly pulled the door closed and peeked through the thin crack.

What I saw left me speech­less. My wife stepped into the room, fol­lowed by three burly guys. Two of them were black! Since they were speak­ing Eng­lish, I assumed they were British or Amer­i­can. The next sur­prise was my wife’s outfit 

San­dra was wear­ing a short black leather jack­et, a latex top and a skirt that was so short that it could­n’t cov­er her ass cheeks. In addi­tion, she had black patent boots on, which reached almost to the crotch. Any­one who saw her would have thought she was a street whore.

My wife as predator prey

The three guys had eyes only for San­dra. They cir­cled her from all sides like hun­gry wolves would a prey animal 

Black BBC cop fucks my hotwife.
Black BBC cop fucks my hotwife.

The white guy was obvi­ous­ly Ger­man. He stepped behind her and impe­ri­ous­ly ordered her to kneel down 

The two blacks were naked by now. They built up in front of San­dra and held their cocks out to her. I had nev­er seen such big straps before 

The white one grabbed San­dra by the hair and lit­er­al­ly impaled her on the peck­ers with his mouth. He forced her to swal­low the cocks always so deep that she had to gag.

“Naa you lit­tle bitch? You said you want­ed two black guys. Are they big enough for you?!” I heard an approv­ing “mhm hm” and smacking.

One of the two blacks had extend­ed a mas­sive pipe! He knelt behind San­dra and began to slow­ly and gen­tly bore his huge penis into my beloved wife. Brave­ly, she grit­ted her teeth and slight­ly painful­ly groaned out “Uuu­uh, is the thick!” 

But after ten thrusts he fit and the bull fucked faster and faster. The painful­ly dis­tort­ed face gave way to pure lust! Loud­er and loud­er my wife moaned. I heard her moan­ing behind the door how horny his big cock is and how well he fucks.

Prejaculate / Precum runs out of cage of cuckoldry
Pre­jac­u­late / Pre­cum runs out of cage of cuckoldry

Final­ly he was about to ejac­u­late and pulled out his fat dream cock com­plete­ly soaked with pussy juice. Direct­ly the oth­er black pushed his pri­vates into my cuck­ol­dress. Since San­dra was pre-stretched, the oth­er stud fucked direct­ly with impres­sive speed and deep thrusts. Moan­ing loud­ly, San­dra enjoyed the hard fuck.

My penis cage became so tight that it was already hurt­ing. At least I could tor­ture my nip­ples a lit­tle. I was pant­i­ng with excite­ment and saw pre-ejac­u­late run­ning down from the cage. I want­ed to catch the long sperm drop quick­ly and banged my head against the door of the room, which made a soft creak­ing sound 

Shit! I was dis­cov­ered! Before I could react, one of the blacks ran to the con­nect­ing door, yanked it open and dragged me into the room. “Look, I found a peep­ing tom”! 

Tri­umphant­ly he pre­sent­ed me to his cronies. How­ev­er, they laughed and point­ed at my penis cage. They sus­pect­ed that I was not a nor­mal Peep­ing Tom. Before the sit­u­a­tion esca­lat­ed fur­ther, San­dra stepped in and explained that I was her hus­band and want­ed to watch 

Exposed as a cuckold

The three laughed uproar­i­ous­ly and made jokes about my small, leak­ing penis. The two blacks then con­tin­ued to occu­py them­selves with San­dra. She had to kneel on all fours. One fucked her from behind while she sucked the oth­er’s cock.

Interracial cuckold creampie: Foreign insemination of my beloved wife Sandra by a white stud and two black bulls
Inter­ra­cial cuck­old creampie: For­eign insem­i­na­tion of my beloved wife San­dra by a white stud and two black bulls

Relieved, I real­ized that the stal­lions did­n’t care about me at all for a good five min­utes. They took care of my wife and I could relax a bit again.

But then the white guy went to a suit­case, rum­maged around a bit and came at me with hand­cuffs. Appar­ent­ly he had a sadis­tic streak. He tied my hands behind my back. Then I too had to get down on all fours 

Next to the bed I had to watch my wife being fucked hard. San­dra seemed to like it very much that I watched tied up! 

The first black man could no longer con­trol him­self. He grunt­ed loud­ly and flood­ed San­dra’s horny pussy with his sperm 

San­dra screamed with plea­sure and also came vio­lent­ly jerk­ing to orgasm. Pow­er­less, she slumped as if “in a trance”, but got no rest 

The cops changed their places and the sec­ond black man pushed his mighty strap into her soaked fuck hole. The black giant cock pressed vast amounts of sperm care­less­ly out of my wife’s pussy 

In the middle of a cuckold porn: the main actress is my hotwife

The sight was so horny that I had to swal­low hard. My erec­tion in the penis cage was already very painful by now! 

Now the first stal­lion fucked her again! With his paws he grabbed San­dra’s hips and ham­mered his spank­ing into her cunt. She reeled from her sec­ond orgasm. San­dra took no more notice of me. Unin­hib­it­ed­ly she moaned and screamed out her pleasure 

The fuck­er pressed her head into pil­lows because she moaned too loud­ly for him. Every now and then squirt spurt­ed out of her horny cunt… 

And also this white guy did­n’t need 8 min­utes to orgasm in San­dra’s tight cunt! He squirt­ed the first vol­leys direct­ly into her extreme­ly dilat­ed pussy and three giant squirts of cum he let splash on her bel­ly, labia and mons veneris 

The sight of how the guys used my wife was grotesque and incred­i­bly horny! I was a lit­tle envi­ous of their endurance and huge, snow-white amounts of sperm. I would have loved to pho­to­graph or film these moments with my smartphone.

otwife Cumshot from BBC! Cuckold watching.
Hotwife Cumshot from BBC! Cuck­old watch­ing. Pho­to is from Cuck­old Sessions

Cuckold’s punishment: bondage, spanking and licking cum pussy clean

The white guy also want­ed to final­ly get his turn. Since San­dra’s cunt was by now full of two mas­sive loads of cum, he grabbed me and forced me to lick first the sheet and then her pussy clean with his tongue 

Creampie Cleanup
Creampie Cleanup

His cronies made fun of me as I des­per­ate­ly tried to turn my head away 

“What kind of bad cuck­old are you, any­way! I guess I’ll have to teach you that seri­ous­ly, huh!!!” the white guy sneered, grin­ning wickedly.

He grabbed San­dra by the hair and ordered her to squat over my face. Large amounts of cum ran out of my wife direct­ly into my mouth.

“Lick it nice and clean you lit­tle per­vert­ed cuck!” he con­tin­ued to bawl. Coura­geous­ly, I took the sperm into me. I dared not resist.

Creampie Cuckoldress
Creampie Cuck­ol­dress

The white man kept hit­ting me with a crop while lick­ing my cum pussy clean. I jerked and groaned while eager­ly lick­ing San­dra’s pussy 

San­dra seemed to like it! She fin­gered her pussy and rubbed her clit moaning 

The white guy noticed that too. He threw me to the side and began to greed­i­ly thrust into San­dra’s fuck hole. She spread her long legs so that he could pen­e­trate her as deeply as pos­si­ble. An inde­scrib­ably hot sight! 

The two blacks thought so too. They wait­ed until the white man had also inject­ed his sperm into the hotwife. Again I had to lick San­dra clean.

Wife Sandra gets fucked in ass, pussy and mouth

The Bulls decid­ed to take a lit­tle break. They final­ly undid my painful hand­cuffs, grabbed the drinks from the table and moved to the oth­er hotel room, leav­ing me alone with my wife. I ten­der­ly caressed San­dra and we assured each oth­er that all was well and in our mutu­al best interest.

When the cops returned after what felt like a quar­ter of an hour, the high­light of the evening was to fol­low for the hotwife. San­dra should get all three holes stuffed. I was amazed that the two black giant penis­es were again 100% at the start! 

One of them sat down on an arm­chair and rubbed his cock with lubri­cant. He pulled San­dra back­wards to him on his lap, tar­get­ed her butt hole and had her sit on his mas­sive pole. Slow­ly his horny black cock dis­ap­peared up to his balls in her ass. San­dra moaned out an “Ouu­u­uh­hh” with clenched teeth and con­tort­ed in pain.

But then the sec­ond Big Black Cock came and pen­e­trat­ed San­dra’s pussy from the front! 

Double penetration (DP) of the Hotwife with two Big Black Cocks (BBC).
Dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion (DP) of the Hotwife with two Big Black Cocks (BBC). Pho­to comes from

The Bulls “used” the body my Hotwife- wife

San­dra thought she was going to get ripped. The guys knew how to do it right and took turns fuck­ing her to the beat. My mar­i­tal mare she got used to it and began to enjoy the fuck­fest. She looked very excit­ed, moan­ing loud­er and loud­er and after a few min­utes cheered the blacks loudly 

Hotwife after a violent BBC squirting orgasm
Hotwife after a vio­lent BBC squirt­ing orgasm

She could­n’t moan for long, because the white man approached her and pushed his con­sid­er­ably big cock in her mouth. Obe­di­ent­ly, she began to suck it 

He grabbed the back of her head, shoved his cock deep into her mouth and used it as a cunt 

San­dra moaned like a wild ani­mal and enjoyed being used so dirty. Her breath went faster and faster! Again and again she stam­mered out “Oh my God this is awesome”.

As the pussy squirt­ed out a vio­lent squirt stream and San­dra gur­gled loud­ly, all three fuck­ers quick­ened their pace 

Sandra’s most violent orgasm of life by double penetration

Guys, it was absolute mad­ness!!! My hotwife San­dra got an incred­i­bly vio­lent mul­ti­ple squirt­ing orgasm that made her whole body twitch and spasm uncon­trol­lably. I could no longer keep up with the lick­ing up of the squirts.

 Cum on face: Facial insemination
Cum on face: Facial insemination

Moan­ing loud­ly, the white man simul­ta­ne­ous­ly squirt­ed his load of cum right into her face 

One after the oth­er squirt­ed off! First the fuck­er in the ass and final­ly the sec­ond stud also insem­i­nat­ed the pussy of my wife 

Deeply breath­ing and sweat­ing final­ly let all slow­ly from her.…

I had to go back and lick San­dra’s face insem­i­na­tion and also the insem­i­nat­ed pussy and final­ly even the butt clean with my tongue 

Mean­while, I had become accus­tomed to the sperm taste and lick San­dra very pas­sion­ate­ly and thor­ough­ly clean. San­dra crawled my hair pas­sion­ate­ly and moaned soft­ly while doing so. It kicked her vio­lent­ly that I had to clean her.

Sat­is­fied with their work, the guys gave each oth­er a high five. They got dressed, threw 300 euros on the table and dis­ap­peared with cocky words. They did­n’t even look at me.

The aftermath with my strangely inseminated hotwife

San­dra looked very disheveled. Her hair was rum­pled and stained with sperm. Her gnaz­er body showed fresh and dried sperm traces 

Nev­er­the­less, she showed pity for me. “Bring me the purse, hon­ey,” she said in a fee­ble voice. She rum­maged in her purse and retrieved the key of the penis cage. What a relief when my best friend was freed from his prison! 

She pulled me onto the cum and squirt splat­tered bed and looked at me anx­ious­ly to see if I was okay. I told her that this turn of the evening had tak­en me extreme­ly by sur­prise, but that I found it very horny in retrospect.

Relieved, San­dra snug­gled up to me. And she enjoyed our rest­ful caress­es. She played with the sperm, rubbed it on her body again and again and let me lick her fin­gers clean. “I can’t believe you licked up that stranger’s cum, hon­ey!” she purred, turned on, and start­ed jerk­ing my cock.

Penis of the cuckold is completely wet from the stranger sperm while fucking his cuckoldress. Best time for the clean-up lick!
Penis of the cuck­old is com­plete­ly wet from the stranger sperm while fuck­ing his cuck­ol­dress. Best time for the clean-up lick!

I was also finally allowed to cum in my Cuckoldress

When my penis was stiff, San­dra spread her thighs. A mas­sive load of cum ran out. “Ooops!” she said look­ing inno­cent, catch­ing the creampie, rub­bing it on her pussy, bel­ly and nipples 

Anal- Pussy- Creampie nach Hotwife anal pussy creampie after group sex
Hotwife anal pussy creampie after group sex

She jerked the tick­le and fin­gered her­self. In the process, more cum ran out of her pussy.…

That was too much of a good thing!!!! No time for fore­play or ten­der­ness! I pushed my wife onto the bed and fucked her pussy with a few mas­sive thrusts 

There was still enough sperm in it so that my cock was cov­ered with nat­ur­al lubricant 

Thus pre­pared, my dream came true. I fucked San­dra in the ass. This went sur­pris­ing­ly easy, because the butt was already well dilat­ed and lubri­cat­ed. I felt like the hap­pi­est man in the world… 

I fucked San­dra so hard that my balls just slapped against her ass cheeks. Her loud moans spurred my greed even more 

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, much too quick­ly emp­tied my bulging eggs in her ass. Exhaust­ed, we sank onto the bed and hugged each oth­er. Such a horny gang­bang we will soon repeat!

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