Our Cuckold Story: The foreign insemination of my sexy wife Jane

My wife Jane (24) and I (Ste­fan, 26) had mar­ried a few months ago. We were head over heels in love and ven­tured into the har­bor of mar­riage. Although the “wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny in white” was a dream and the wed­ding recep­tion real­ly great, our wed­ding recep­tion turned out rather plain. I had drunk too much and some­how we just fell into bed tired.…

But we decid­ed to make up for the “wast­ed wed­ding night” as soon as pos­si­ble, which then unfor­tu­nate­ly pushed itself fur­ther and fur­ther ahead. So we final­ly took our first wed­ding day as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a long week­end off and go to a nice vaca­tion apartment.

I enjoyed the sex with my young wife very much and loved her dear­ly. Nev­er­the­less, I had an erot­ic fan­ta­sy that kept me very busy: I want­ed to share my sexy wife togeth­er with oth­er men! 

That so what wife­shar­ing or cuck­old­ing is called, I did not know at that time. But just the idea of watch­ing her being fucked by oth­er guys and jerk­ing and whim­per­ing under their hard thrusts made me horny 

Most excit­ed me the idea to be allowed to fuck her fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed pussy after­wards and to add my sperm to that of the oth­er guys.

One evening we sat togeth­er and drank wine. All of a sud­den I blurt­ed out my idea. I was shocked at myself. What had I done? How would Jane react? To my relief, she was­n’t the least bit angry. On the con­trary, she liked the idea 

Wifesharing anticipation & preparations for group fuck

Jane agreed to be used as a plea­sure object by me and 2 oth­er men. How­ev­er, she put con­di­tions: She want­ed to choose the men and the gang­bang was not to take place at our home or in our town. She feared attract­ing the atten­tion of neigh­bors or being recognized.

I could live with Jane’s con­di­tions. How­ev­er, how was I to real­ize them? For­tu­nate­ly, there is the Inter­net. We reg­is­tered as a cou­ple on a dat­ing por­tal. To attract as many men as pos­si­ble, we chose a pho­to of Jane in sus­penders as our pro­file pic­ture and blunt­ly said that we want­ed to host a wife­shar­ing par­ty with a sur­plus of men 

The response was over­whelm­ing. Our inbox filled up with hun­dreds of emails. Jane was thrilled. She replied to a few men she liked. In the end, her choice fell on 2 men. One of them, Paul, was my age and worked in con­struc­tion. The oth­er, Robert, was a black man and a guy like a closet 

We agreed to rent a vaca­tion apart­ment in Stuttgart and meet there 

A horny cuckold story: The made up wedding night - group sex with two men
A horny cuck­old sto­ry: The made up wed­ding night — group sex with two men

My hotwife out of control 

The mere thought of being fucked by two guys (with XXL penis­es!) at the same time made Jane so horny that I could hard­ly sat­is­fy her! Our dor­mant love life expe­ri­enced a renaissance! 

Hotwife watches porn
Hotwife watch­es porn

We fucked two to three times a day! When I had cum inside her, we often worked her sperm pussy togeth­er with dil­dos and vibra­tors, because she still did­n’t have enough. Espe­cial­ly with pump-up dil­dos and thick dil­dos Jane came incred­i­bly vio­lent­ly to orgasm 

Dur­ing the day and in the evening while watch­ing TV she con­stant­ly played with her wet fuck hole and sniffed and licked her fra­grant fin­gers. To dri­ve me crazy, she liked to let me grin and lick her used sex toys and sniff her worn, wet panties.

Three weeks before our date, I had the idea that we could have a relax­ing porn night “to get in the mood”.

Our deal was that I could­n’t cum until Jane allowed it. It was an incred­i­bly awe­some evening that last­ed well into the night! Most­ly we watched BBC porn, cuck­old porn, group sex and big gang­bangs with lots of cum. I fucked her count­less times and Jane came with my penis, the many sex toys count­less times to orgasm. From now on, porn ran con­stant­ly with us.

I made in the fol­low­ing days horny pho­tos of Jane, as she worked her gap­ing plea­sure cleft with the vibra­tor and sent them to Paul and Robert via our What­sApp group. The two were thrilled and sent dick pho­tos in return 

Paul was already quite well built, but Robert’s black strap sur­passed any­thing I had seen so far. It mea­sured at least 22 inch­es and was as thick as a child’s arm. Jane dripped like a bro­ken faucet at the idea of feel­ing such a club inside her.

Hotwife training as a further education

Through the porn pic­tures, the Bulls were unimag­ined crass­ly turned on. Jane should pre­pare her­self to be treat­ed quite rough­ly. Every day came bizarre pussy train­ing tasks that we had to do and “prove” with pho­tos and videos.

Pussy stretching: An eggplant is super suitable for pussy stretching training
Pussy stretch­ing: An egg­plant is super suit­able for pussy stretch­ing training

Stretch­ing with bot­tles, can­dles and vas­es. Two dil­dos in the pussy! Anal train­ing with dil­dos. Orgasm tor­ture with mul­ti­ple orgasms as well as bla­tant games to ruin her orgasms mul­ti­ple times 

I should train Jane’s pussy to squirt, and we should prac­tice fist­ing her over and over again. We were to “hard­en” her nip­ples with clothes­pins. We were for­bid­den to wipe up cum with tis­sues, and we had to prac­tice cum kissing.

Jane loved these exper­i­ments and there was no taboo! More and more often I got the task to lick Jane’s pussy juice, squirt as well as our creampie and her insem­i­nat­ed body clean. It cost me at the begin­ning strong over­com­ing, but Jane made this so furi­ous­ly horny that I found plea­sure in it.

Final­ly it got real­ly kinky: Jane should stretch and fuck her­self with corn, cucum­bers, zuc­chi­ni and an eggplant 

We were then to pre­pare the veg­eta­bles for lunch or din­ner. I was to cum on cakes, cook­ies and oth­er things and ruin my orgasm. We were inde­scrib­ably excit­ed by these abysmal­ly for­bid­den tasks.

We were sup­posed to upload our clips and pic­tures to Xham­ster and got incred­i­ble click num­bers and enthu­si­as­tic com­ments. I had the feel­ing that my ini­tial wife­shar­ing fan­tasies were devel­op­ing momen­tum of their own that I could no longer stop.

Jane having a gang bang, her husband watching!

But … the longed-for day had final­ly arrived. Paul and Robert had set clear con­di­tions and told us what they expect­ed. Jane should dress sexy. I myself was main­ly assigned the role of observer.

When the door­bell rang, we both winced. I opened the door and invit­ed the two men in. They greet­ed me fleet­ing­ly and imme­di­ate­ly turned their atten­tion to Jane. It was no won­der, because she had dressed sex­i­ly. She wore a black cor­sage that left her tits exposed, a sus­pender belt, black fish­net stock­ings and red high heels 

She had dis­pensed with panties (as ordered in advance) from the start. The two guys devoured her vir­tu­al­ly with their eyes. Jane sent me to the kitchen to serve our guests some drinks and snacks. When I returned, the par­ty was already underway! 

Jane was sit­ting on the couch with her legs spread, right between the two guys. Paul was knead­ing her nip­ples while Robert was work­ing her labia and clit with his fin­gers. I could see exact­ly how extreme­ly wet the pussy was!

Stranger Fucked Wife: Bride fingered to Orgasm
Stranger Fucked Wife: Bride fin­gered to orgasm

Jane had her hands full. With each hand she mas­saged the cocks of her studs. She tried not to let the pain in her nip­ples show, but still moaned in her tor­men­tor’s face. Robert pushed two fin­gers into my wife and fin­gered brutally(st) away. Jane had no choice but to remain pet­ri­fied and moan her plea­sure out loud 

The pants of the lover bulged out strong­ly. In a skill­ful alter­na­tion between cli­toris wank­ing and vagi­na bru­tal fin­ger­ing, he trig­gered a vio­lent orgasm in a few min­utes! With plea­sure Robert licked the abun­dant amount of pussy nec­tar from his fin­gers and from the soak­ing wet pussy.

The cops could not stand it any longer and took off their clothes. I mar­veled at the mas­sive cocks and undressed as well. Jane had bent over Robert and was blow­ing his black cock 

My gangbang wife is abused as a whore

Then while Jane sucked Robert’s cock, Paul bent over her and worked her ass­hole with an anal vibra­tor and her pussy with a pump-up dil­do. Jane moaned and groaned in pain and plea­sure. The fact that the two guys were hurt­ing my wife made me unspeak­ably horny. The sight of her suck­ing the air between her teeth and brave­ly scrunch­ing up her face was awesome!

Cuckold holds hand of his wife with wedding ring during sex with BBC Bull
Cuck­old holds hand of his wife with wed­ding ring dur­ing sex with BBC Bull

My penis was threat­en­ing to burst, it was so hard. I want­ed to get relief and began to jerk off. But this did not please the two stab­bers at all. They turned to me and mal­treat­ed me with whip lashes 

Robert went to the table and got some hand­cuffs that he had brought with him. With them he tied my hands behind my back and grinned at me. “Watch­ing allowed, join­ing in for­bid­den” he said. Imme­di­ate­ly he turned his atten­tion to Jane 

He grabbed her with his paws and threw her back­wards onto the couch. Like a pro­fes­sion­al whore, Jane spread her legs. Robert rammed his mas­sive mem­ber into her greed­i­ly smack­ing fuck hole. With a pained face, she cried out, “Sheeei­i­it is he big!!!” The black man ignored the protest and fucked her bru­tal­ly and with­out consideration 

With every thrust my wife screamed as if she was being tor­tured. Any sounds like “Is that cool”, “oh my God” and “shit is the thick” escaped stam­mer­ing from her lips. Some­times I saw a wide grin, some­times the face looked — as if she had bit­ten into a lemon and some­times I saw pure plea­sure. The fat strap stim­u­lat­ed in the pussy nerve areas that I would nev­er reach.…

Robert could not keep up the pace for long. He was too horny for that and the orgas­mic milk­ing mus­cle move­ments of Jane’s cunt was just too intense. He groaned mas­sive­ly and fucked like a man pos­sessed by the dev­il!!! After a few min­utes he grunt­ed and squirt­ed a mas­sive amount of cum into my wife’s cunt. The cum just over­flowed in a dream­like creampie 

I was forced to lick my wife clean!

There­upon I was grabbed by Paul. He dragged me to my wife and forced me by a vio­lent neck grip to clean up her fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed cunt clean. At first, I refused and turned my face iron­i­cal­ly to the side. Imme­di­ate­ly I got to feel the whip that Paul had brought 

I had no choice but to obey. Every now and then I felt a painful lash on my ass and I even more thor­ough­ly licked every drop of cum out of my beloved hotwife as best I could with my bound hands. She in turn was watch­ing close­ly, moan­ing, with an extreme­ly horny expres­sion on her face and an enough-doing look. She let out sev­er­al times a “Oh my God is that horny my dar­ling! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!”

Sex Story: Married wife enjoys group sex on wedding night
Sex Sto­ry: Mar­ried wife enjoys group sex on wed­ding night

But even­tu­al­ly, it was enough for Paul and he, flung me aside. He could no longer stand it and want­ed to fuck now final­ly also! He impe­ri­ous­ly ordered Jane to turn on all fours and hold her ass out to him. Her plump but­tocks made him incred­i­bly horny 

Quick­ly he gave her cheeks a few slap­ping lash­es before sink­ing his stiff giant dick into her fra­grant pink fucked cum hole. Guys, no shit now… I’ve seen a lot in my life — but this topped it all!!!

Paul fucked like a sex machine!

In small, tar­get­ed and incred­i­bly fast move­ments Paul fucked my wife with his gigan­tic giant cock like a fuck robot!!!! No idea how he did it, but I was gob­s­macked! Almost instant­ly Jane expe­ri­enced a vio­lent vagi­nal orgasm. Her pussy twitched, Jane screamed in plea­sure, her pussy squirt­ed a jet of squirt and milked Paul’s cock 

Cuckolding bride fucking: Bride gets fucked by strange man
Cuck­old­ing bride fuck­ing: Bride gets fucked by strange man

He could not con­trol him­self any longer and emp­tied the con­tents of his balls into my wife. This time Robert grabbed me, dragged me to Jane and made me lie under her to clean her cunt 

Since the pussy was over my face, the fuck juice mix­ture from Paul and Robert pelt­ed down on my face and mouth 

It was clear­ly too much cum for me!!! But I did­n’t feel like whip­ping and licked every­thing clean as fast as I could while Jane blew my hard cock. The cli­toris was com­plete­ly over­stim­u­lat­ed. Jane moaned demon­stra­tive­ly when I licked it, sucked on it and stretched it with my lips.

Jane sank exhaust­ed on my bel­ly. Grin­ning, Paul approached with the vibra­tor. He put it on and pushed it into Jane’s ass­hole. She groaned and moaned in plea­sure. I was in agony. What I would have giv­en to be able to fuck Jane now!

Cuckold at work: Eating cum from a pussy
Cuck­old at work: Eat­ing cum from a pussy

Double penetration of Jane’s pussy and ass

The sight of Jane with the vibra­tor in her ass had also made Robert horny again. His cock was already stiff again. This time he lay back­wards on the car­pet and ordered Jane to lie on top of him. Obe­di­ent­ly and will­ing­ly to fuck, she let his pow­er­ful black penis stake her 

Paul did not remain idle. Now it became clear why he had stretched Jane’s ass­hole with the vibra­tor earlier.

He final­ly want­ed to try dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion. Since he had used a lot of lube, his cock slid effort­less­ly into Jane’s ass. She was scream­ing her head off. Both holes filled with mas­sive cocks; this was more than she had ever hoped for! 

After just a few thrusts, a mix­ture of orgas­mic and pee-pee sen­sa­tions built up. Loud­ly she had to moan out her pent-up lust! Long ago she no longer knew how many orgasms there were already and she began to jerk her clitoris.

Both of her studs were also extreme­ly aroused. Besides the fric­tion in Jane’s tight holes, they felt each oth­er’s stiff spank­ings with every thrust. It was like fuck­ing and cock mas­sage all in one 

Cocks in pussy and ass: double penetration of hotwife - bride
Cocks in pussy and ass: dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion of hotwife — bride

Since Jane’s ass cunt was very tight, Paul was the first to lose his tem­per. He grabbed Jane’s ass cheeks with his hands. His cock began to twitch and pumped load after load of his white man juice into Jane’s anus. This was now trig­ger­ing an incred­i­bly intense orgasm in the horny fuck-bitch 

The wild jerk­ing and moan­ing was too much for Robert. Also he could not con­trol him­self any longer and filled again Jane’s pink pussy with his sticky sperm.

The Cuckold — cleaning squad is coming!

Since Jane had emp­tied the eggs of her two stab­bers, they turned back to me. Robert came over to the chair where I was sit­ting — He put me on my feet and ordered me to “clean up the mess”. Mer­ci­ful­ly, he took off my handcuffs 

Forced cum cleanup: Cuckold has to lick his wife whore's cum cunt clean
Forced cum cleanup: Cuck­old has to lick his wife whore’s cum cunt clean

First, I had to lick out Jane’s cunt. It was both out­side at the labia, as well as inside in the vagi­na with very much cum com­plete­ly for­eign. Also around the ass was all full of sperm.

Lick­ing the sperm clean was a very big chal­lenge for me because of the abun­dant amount, but I did not dare to say any­thing. I gave myself the utmost effort to lick up every­thing so halfway. How­ev­er, I was inhib­it­ed by the deri­sive, snide remarks of the men!

Extreme­ly turned on Jane looked through her thighs and watched me moan­ing at my work.

As if that was­n’t enough, the men’s cocks took their turn. They forced me to blow them clean. In the process, they taunt­ed me and made innu­en­dos about my small penis 

Final­ly, the two grad­u­al­ly left me alone. They fin­ished their drinks and got dressed. Jane and I just lay word­less­ly next to each oth­er. As a farewell, the boys let out a few more macho chuck­les and went laugh­ing loud­ly towards the hall­way, pulling the front door closed behind them. Silence reigned…

Our very personal aftermath

I had been wait­ing for this the whole time. Greed­i­ly I made myself again over my wife. She whis­pered pow­er­less­ly, “Ste­fan! Please not. I real­ly need a break!!!” 

But I did­n’t lis­ten — I was too turned on! Jane looked like a whore after a hard shift. Her hair was disheveled, her lip­stick smeared, and her fish­net stock­ings had holes and were stained with semen 

Lying on the car­pet, I spread her pow­er­less legs. Some fresh cum ran out of her wet cum pussy! 

Couple cum kiss: A horny intimate moment - Cuckold cum swapping
Cou­ple cum kiss: A horny inti­mate moment — Cuck­old cum swapping

Final­ly I was allowed to enjoy her pussy in peace! After exten­sive­ly lick­ing her off and out very deeply, I pound­ed my rock-hard cock into her well-inte­grat­ed, slip­pery scent­ed pussy 

She screamed and moaned as I impaled her and came after only a few sec­onds. I took no more con­sid­er­a­tion, slammed her vio­lent­ly hard through (to be in no way infe­ri­or to my pre-fuck­ers 😉 ) and pumped her my pent-up semen com­plete­ly into her greedy cum cunt.

I rubbed our three fuck juice on her breasts, on her face, her thighs and in the entire inti­mate area, made me again thor­ough­ly to the sperm Sauber­leck­en and spit the horny cum in her mouth at an incred­i­bly horny cum kiss.

Like out of our minds, we kissed greed­i­ly and spat the horny cum back and forth like in a snow­ball fight. Rarely had we kissed so pas­sion­ate­ly and ten­der­ly before and swal­lowed the love juice togeth­er. Close­ly embraced, we fell asleep grin­ning broad­ly and com­plete­ly satisfied.

Dur­ing the night and the fol­low­ing morn­ing, the horny love scents turned us on in such a way that I fucked her twice more, until com­plete exhaustion 

Very rough­ly Jane pressed me, how­ev­er, between her legs for clean lick­ing. Arm in arm we woke up in the mid­day sun and looked for­ward to our joint break­fast on the ter­race, grin­ning broad­ly. Unshow­ered of course…

Conclusion: a made up wedding night that is second to none!!!

We both incred­i­bly enjoyed our first wed­ding anniver­sary par­ty. We stayed in touch with Paul and Robert and will def­i­nite­ly meet again soon 

Favorite fantasy of many women: Wedding night with BBC - Big Black Cocks
Favorite fan­ta­sy of many women: Wed­ding night with BBC — Big Black Cocks

In gen­er­al, our Wife­shar­ing / Cuck­old adven­ture has forged us even clos­er together 

We are incred­i­bly sex­u­al­ly bal­anced, very har­mo­nious and treat each oth­er very atten­tive­ly and respect­ful­ly.… Alright… except in the box… 😉 

In the mean­time we have met oth­er wife­shar­ing and cuck­old cou­ples in Ger­many through joy­club. We are always on the look­out for men who can fuck very well and squirt a lot of sperm.

We would like to give play­ful cou­ples the tip to get rid of the wed­ding dress and the wed­ding suit and reen­act the wed­ding night in a hotel with horny bulls and lovers 😉

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